War Of The Roses 1-12-18

Friday, January 12th

Listen to this week's War of the Roses to see if Joe is cheating on Emma: 


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War of the roses song. It's one of the roses and Amazon with us this morning to morning Emma. Her morning so MI and you know have been together for about four years. The relationships and what it well right but you've handled a couple of difficulties over the last few months Pete Dye Joseph was just may be working a lot more worse being viewed as weren't spending as much time together. So you guys play of the day right. Yeah we Darren would you guys got we need to let it go hiking let gelatin in a bunch of pictures. I earning picking connector like so they look at Cagney environment I don't know you know and the pictures are there haven't seen any of that. And you went there with Annan. I didn't see anything bad but like. All were hiking picks were in a deleted folder along with the budget belt so I only know it happening I don't know and then not expect somebody else. All right here's what we're gonna do we're gonna get gel on the line Keane he's gonna offer M roses or we're gonna see hopefully he sends and CU okay. All right river channel the ski John lines for the roses on the wake up call. Well. I can speak with Cho. Or we. How did you know this is Camille. Calling today with a special guest that are offering to all of our valued customers today's skipped his one dozen long stem red roses absolutely free. I'll be asking you for credit card number you want to additional charge on your Baylor or anything like that. It's just a promotion are doing to show you how much we appreciate your business does it sound like something you'd like to take advantage of today. And you vote it got Brady hadn't after the. It's totally free like I said a McNamee collecting any. Credit card information or anything like that and actually it's super easy to get started to all we need to start. Is the first or last name of the person you'd like to send roses to. Okay. Are you ready yeah us. Warner and tell you said Warner LA an app okay and in his last name in order. It. Okay you and then before I get him and address you're able to include a personalized card to be delivered with the roses what would you like that to say. Problem. You're making good bad and the anti Arab like all the legal defense. From your amazing boyfriend and then like the little wind he emote G. Yeah. Okay yes we can do it. I Alameda Barbara fast hi Joan this is Gavin Canadian rain where the wake up call from an a 65 the end. Hold on let's set the spring here I girlfriend Emma on the phone and are you there. Lose weight war and a all right. Joseph hold on a sickens and does on the phone and I passes to USC who you would send roses to. And you send them to Anna who is into. It. Okay hold. Eight and doesn't ring a ballot all attack coworker you know nobody you've had ever heard how. Art. It's a complicated. So I had even taking pictures. And sending him to people that are not go over. I indictment and yet your real business anyway and not least. Please let them he wants he talked actually not suit me just like now and then you bring your radio station here to call me out. What he would talk to meet. And I just feel alienated out how much they allow the U I don't feel like it. Somebody else. So Joseph why did you actually have a conversation with MI is instead of trying to juggle nearly two girlfriends all tell you why you're a bit. OK okay. Joke and I ask you questions. And knock me out to be cool you're cool. Does. Math know about them. All right at ego could go. Law and so does not know that she's not your only girlfriend as she. And their bags in more than one person Marie. Emma Emma. If you are being honest would both the women here in a relationship with how did anybody else is all but. You wars. I actually do what is it about now. Our Mac and again. Can't deal it gives you got caught our. Eyes so he's punk. He's gone OK by rain got in the worst way I just wanted to spring Amani did say. Well. He had done that are you feel about it I can't leave she knows that they were both. On nine your back again so it's better that like you I guess is it just proves that like he's the hole and he is willing to manipulate. Every. Write that her gas line while I am good luck to you in I'm. Of youth and again it's can be loyalty you entry to better connect. Are you. Know it's a packed its bank it's a lot reduced headed alive what other houses on the way could call. 1065 the end to wake up call will be right back.