War Of The Roses 10-20-17

Friday, October 20th

Listen to this week's "War Of The Roses" to find out if Hector is cheating on Dina because he keeps getting calls from a number she doesn't recognize and traced back under a woman's name: 


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Whether it was time Diaz on the phone with this morning you know how wall. I won't get thanks so you've been seeing hectare for Matt had two years now you guys live together and lately. You 'cause said that. Hector his phone has been going off all the time. All that men and he keeps saying it's a guy that he works with name mad or more into it when I'm around. Do you feel like he answer like how long has this been calling time. How could how won't. It's mind. Dion. That's weird yeah does he have a got a job where he's icon Paul Ari gets phone calls all the time because they have questions or are you don't worry more polite well and so did you pulled us off the year they. Maybe you would think that it's 81 million. That's Hector has been talking to you and it's in his phone is Matt correct. Yeah I think like you thought of my own bottom each I hate I don't think it's I am able to their Lyndon and then and it will tell me. My name is attached to that. Phone number and then. I can I mean I hit and I finally did and I. And the shelves. It's all so and not a Matt's done a Michelle so it does look like he's saving hander Matt. So the compact. I here's what really do we get Hector on the phone we're gonna off from the roses hopefully he sends them to you Dina but if not will kind of figured out from there okay. Yeah. I hear ya it's for the roses on the wake up call. Yeah. Is he good Hector or at least I heck yeah it isn't Claudia with. Calling today went against. I think Palmer valued customers today's gift is one dozen long stem red presents absolutely free. I want to ask you for credit card number you don't see an additional charge on your bill are you think it's it's a promotion are doing to show you how much we appreciate your business to the salads and you like to get into job. Redshirt. It's really idiot started only easy first and last name of the person you'd like this and the roses shield I can tell dad in and OK so Dina and and rape and didn't address you're able to include a personalized card to be delivered with the roses what would you like that to stay out. Shame a latte the last eights I hectare. Hi this is again and Katie and rain with a wake up call a 1065 the end actually Dina assets to give you call to see who you would send roses to. And oh hole and I'd deer is on the phone Dina are you there. Yeah own. So hex here Dino was a little concerned because you get phone calls from Mets all the time who's Max. Matt. Matt good Buddy Guy or would that work and I really didn't turn out so hectare. Dina did add a reverse search for the phone number that is tied to Matt's naming your own it turns out that Matt's phone number is tied you had someone named Michelle. Are you kidding me show it and that's why solely. I'm so confused so. This year she reversed the thing whenever I see is and it came out talking Nate and his wife. No it's probably just in her name all day count in my not apparent so yeah I like reversed my number it would kind of in my husband's name because that should be count is and I guess so I mean if you reverse distaste he's parents it would come up buzzed under Stacy is being on. Doesn't really prove anything. Richard Matt contacting me or did friends that work. That is why he's calling you so much and that's a big questions dream I question I don't know what to different genetic you know like you mean you just called me. I'm a whole lot through every so often not to be fair I have like three friends but like none of them call me. Like to the point where anyone would even notice that it's so frequent that it's weird. You got don't have like Buddy Guy he worked well you know like you know I don't know this guy just can't we ran the lead now each of the body of work. Now god of Katy called me twice in the day I lose my mind. Month. Anything wrong by having a friend at work who calls you know I think what does the makes sense is he's such a good friend and call you all the time. And you ever seen it's typical also did he call you I mean you never insurgence. Engineer you know an ear to listen to I don't know like mono I. Can only be available so does he call like. Edward the body and I got he's got an arm saying no I'm black and. Talk and listen whenever it's just this past this. Our test dean there's nothing more I. Guy he can do according to our saying he's not cheating unless he's a rule on let's have a matter in something together. All right well ID nine hectare. I hope it all works out three guys all or tied for the roses on the wakeup call. Email wake up. Roses and.