War Of The Roses 11-3-17

Friday, November 3rd

Chloe texted Adam in the middle of the night and got the "Do Not Disturb" message that sends automatically when you're driving:


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War of the roses song. I slowly Donald does is mourning mourning glowing. And learning so Khloe and Adam has been together for a few months but Adam's been acting weird lately right. Yeah I don't really know what's going on and tell us about what happened last week Sherry so I. We couldn't sleep I look up but probably 2 AM and I thought I would check him. The message thinking appear to set up a hundred spirit and either Egypt or have buttons back that said I'm trading Serb. And so it says I am not receiving text messages right now I am driving a car. We're right exactly what Dick I was. Kind of strange because he should have been back sweeping measure where he beat LA and Elena couple about a week that they didn't know why it sounded that I. Think there's anyway that it sends an accident only OK see you think that because when you text and image to in the morning is said he was driving. You was an in bed like you thought he was right. Yeah I had a little petition at. I think that he might be lied to me all right clearly we're gonna get them on the phone we're gonna off from the free roses we'll see if he sends him to you know kind. Okay it's more the rose in the week of golf. So. Easy to Adam a please. This program. Is Tina left and and I'm calling to deal with against similar offerings all of our valued customers today's Gibbs is one doesn't. Long stem red roses absolutely free eat. Columbia asked you for credit card number you won't see an additional charge and your Baylor anything is just a way that we can show you how much we appreciate your businesses as salads and leave like he did into jammed today. Yeah what are some pretty cute under welcome. It's really simple to get started all we need first is the first and last name. A good person you'd like to the neurosis to. Harm Monica. I'll kill me and you're also include a personalized card to be delivered at the roses loads like that to say. Our judges Syria from Adam okay I skis he let me interrupt for a second this is a Gavin Gideon green with a wake up call. From one a six by the end atom we were asked by your girlfriend Chloe. To send you some free roses secede send him to who is Monica. I'm. According you'll follow the wake up call of 106 by the end this is segment we call war of the roses we just wanna know who Monica is is sounds like you wanna send roses to Monica and I your girlfriend Chloe. I don't know why this is not any evidence I don't need to tell you think okay whole book unless. Slowly backing clearly there yeah I Marino and anticipating hearing now gee you know this I don't know what it is about all Amazon you may have been in the Monica like that's in the rose is always it's your girlfriend. Quoted my girlfriend. There's and I just cigar on the monitor I didn't I didn't come to throw a few weeks and nothing happened at all I. And no it's wrong but I'm I'm gonna stop and I'm just I'm Leo let me make this right an Atari. So you do admit that is an inappropriate relationship. Obviously he won the sender red roses and admit it I I know it's armed did you ever drive to see her in the middle of the night yeah a great question regression. You know I had not yet. Chloe knows you were driving somewhere in the middle of the night how many of how long ago was this. Last week lacked lucky tri tech community could break up to compete Sweeney and I act any. Mac is back with what you're driving at Q&A battery you learn oh no. Well you could just go oh why coincidence that you looked. Are having what you describe as an inappropriate text relationship or assembly that checked and also your phone was bleaching and heads and you're driving at 2 AM. I me. I just I don't know I don't know it's I'm actually check out militants in. Wasn't it get the shaggy defense wasn't eighteen if I gotta be honest period I'm I'm doing a lot of globally right now trying to come up with the defense brio. And I am not seeing anybody say that that feature goes off accidentally. Well I don't you at first wanted to go to I was sleeping so I don't know what are you approach the weird thing is like I do believe me. That he's not done anything with this girl but I don't believe that they were hanging out that night. I mean there's so much do you believe in not believe we don't know if you need money. He knows I'm I got an and haven't done this for a 150 years. Like Gavin when is saying he does sound like somebody that's got caught in the early stages of the essence. I honestly don't know when I don't know but has close recent she's the one and has to make a decision if she believes him or not. I think that he is simply lying about telling her place and I candidate I think that he had on me. Mr. I'm not cheating on you and I almost lump the lot of texting her that won't do it I'm Rick and gotten anything. And I want to make sure okay I'm sorry I did something as a blondes with someone will want slimy crowd at the very idea. Chloe I'm sorry I can make it up QB in the correct that the OK I'm done thank you. I for the roses and a wakeup call she said do not disturb okay.