War Of The Roses 2-22-18

Thursday, February 22nd

Beth  thinks Matt is cheating because he goes to the gym near his work.


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Car faster is on what does this morning good morning Beth. Morning so you automatic bid together I just shy of a year and a few months in your relationship you found that Matt joined at GM. Any usually goes it's lunch time issue a few days a week you notice he's kind of been going more frequently he's got going a little bit out of the way to the gym is that he told us. Wow so there will give me he always does Q when you're at work even that's bad it out and played when he many challenges bad. And there are at least three other games between there and expect to go to Cuba or something known as the one other Obama called the report. And I and wondered what would bear some of their current about foreign car. Now we haven't talked to Maggie Eminem at. Already in Matt's defense dampening Katie forced me to go to a gym and Rosa bell when I live in midtown. At the end of the day and I get stuck in traffic or there's nine jams all know I could go until that's a different story for another day. The different story and don't start with me. Before I give Matt a call Beth let me ask you do you have any other suspicions to make you think that maybe that isn't being loyal maybe that he seeing somebody else. I mean. They're nothing but expect that that that that's something that it feels quite. Where a pack aren't so I'm Beth would get mad on the phone we'll see who he sends the roses too and hopefully it's do you okay thought so. Or bruises. Parallel. Is that. Yeah the this boot. Is Leanne with had. And I'm calling today what is special gift ever offering to all of our valued customers today's gift is one dozen long stem red roses absolutely free. Let me ask you for credit card number you know it's an additional charge on your belt Ernie thank. It just promote short you and to show you how much we appreciate your business is the salads and the you'd like to get into that today. There are. Are real in the public art show. I yet so I let me interrupt real fast I met this is this is the wake up call it's Gavin Canadian rain on what's weeks ago ringling gets to show my dad. Hi Matt good morning. Good morning. Hi it's not so very often we get busted but clearly that you listen to this radio show and you progress and I love this show and yeah I would think you we appreciate that it's the Signet called war of the roses. So Beth has her suspicions that you might be cheating. Is that true. No it's not true. At all wow I didn't merchant group that throughout connections assuming then she shouldn't talk to me. The sleeve you why that's. Thinks he might be cheat. I death rate there. Wall sell met Beth came to us because she thought it was awfully weird. That you've been going too weak GM more frequently further away from where you live and there's plenty of Jim is that you can go to along the way. I only in the it's really. Really bothers me like I don't understand why you didn't think before she goes to convince. Because the department deliberately a couple of looks crazy like psychotic. Or eat you couldn't have talked to me about it and and we can of this discussion is partly and now everyone knows there. Now there are people picker and why I was pregnant cocky about it. Because when you're gonna call me psychotic you're gonna say I'm crazy. And then I'd get less for it okay. Is he telling you that your thirty declined to me they're not only to find out from ingesting it and that and saying. Come on you just trust me. I say she is right. In that this is one way of finding how. You don't Null and you can't just say like oh no I'm not cheating. You know I mean but that's exactly whereas. Right now if you knew that he will listen to this show wasn't is a Smart route to go. I don't think it will record that I'm not only are you okay. I just like that Jim Palmer work there's not a crime of not buying. But here again you're getting up and and about it it's warning you expect him OK why he make a point. Although I think that span when it actually you're illegal. Anywhere else. They'll tell when they become like it. The answer is simple. It's because you like a gym a certain GM. Thank you can't just like there's another layer to us that we're meant as any other reason why you thought he was cheating. Now. It could get the I didn't see it on in the past there has that's it. Will not match. I. Saw it took part he won't say it say on some other orbit on. Yeah I I'm sorry tier I. Don't want you to think that I'm seeing on you never. Not. Look but obviously we have a lot we need to discuss spent so is this is definitely not acceptable. By here's holding well you guys to get to set on your own will get off the phone see guys denied talk this over and Matt do pleased to listen to this. And that's what got caught I thought I'd war of the roses on the wake up call. Mean the most to Jeter on the war of the roses Gmail wake up. Call ahead of roses and and online dot.