War Of The Roses 4-20-18

Friday, April 20th

Tonya thinks Joseph is cheating because she saw a strange car in his driveway. 


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The car. It's funny is on with this morning Tonya. So Tonya and Joseph have been together for over a year the bone scan and a little bit of a rocky relationship apparently Joseph cheated on Tonya super early in their relationship cell. Last week Tonya drove over to Joseph's house did she knew his roommate was out of town she wanted to surprise him with some sexy lingerie and hula she'd just spot what happened then Tanya. Com while I am I strongly since silver a CD in and try playing as I'd like I've never seen it before because due to interpret a black murky edu and can't really look like old cheap. On the cell I think. Thinking like YA. Was that car Darren McCarty got a lot Q and I really hope and I am. For his seat. Back that was not another girl. And you've never CNET car before. No no I have never seen that purple or at all. I here's what we'll do I'll will have TD offer Joseph the roses to see who we sent some to halt police absentee Tonya. An old tennis figure out all the pieces from their bank. Six. Or euros this week. Globe. Did a good dose of please. This is them Joseph this is Denise swift. And I'm calling today. Think gift offerings all of our valued customers today is get his one dozen long stem red roses absolutely free you will be asked you for credit card number eulogy additional charge on your Baylor anything Soledad not me. I'm I mean it's well it's an offer of one dozen long stem red roses and sure that you would like to send somebody free red roses right. Sure our ability. Or hi Joseph let me chime in here this is a Gavin TD rain powerful wake up call on 165 the end you're on a segment we called war of the roses were calling you because your girlfriend at Tonya. Has asked us to offer you some roses to see who you would send them to she was hoping that you would send them to her. On May not another woman do you have any reason why should. Think that Christie's. Crazy out light strings them cheating on her but that meant to our bill would of course she consulate things and I'm cheating on I can only take. Without repeating that eating a hold on just it's on youth on Tommy are either. I saw that other car in your brightly that silver at unit didn't want you to get of course remain true that you're bit. What are you talking about boy what they originally you know I am pretty Malkin so we're at ED you're right way it would bear ice Wyatt. Did you have an SU senior Joseph average just. But the years. I had a loner cork in the dealership this it would ask you eat the viewership sticker was right there on the top of the car it's said the name in the dealership on the back windchill. Might look at these I would darted what he can AT and dissect it and I know you're lying Ali park your car is the garage and I was parked in the driveway and I didn't even eat back. Jesus Christ tying it look I parked in the driveway because I forgot my garage door open out of my car when I left it at the dealership. Oh why didn't bite might you tell me I have like why. Why can't I have had gotten hold on. We do have a long time and I do believe him why why didn't she know that he had a loaner car. I don't know there'll. Yeah Joseph why didn't why wouldn't she know that you got a loaner car. Because now we had a car for less than a date I don't need to tell everything that I'm doing. What what's the big deal about a loner car. Now not then I get another drug along with a look what happened to your car. You know bucket out and get really Alter it so that's not a story you would tell your girlfriend. I did tell her she knew that out in my car at this time did you know he was getting his car fixed. What I mean I didn't know wet if he didn't tell me saying look like. I knew that they're they're like sub they're not avenue the car whatever but he didn't say it was gonna get it's Margaret he didn't tell me what would get a get our rest. Well okay what was then apparently and that was a loaner car I mean that's story does that not Tonya. You have an awful lot of trust issues in this relationship. And yeah. Yeah idea because that would lead on that pat equally perhaps but it's on. I didn't know I understand why eight. But if you're choosing to stay in their relationship. You have to own truth to get over a batterer and take the steps to get over bad. Or not be in the relationship that you can't. Anyway I don't even know why you would want to stay in a relationship where you constantly have this this concern. Thought Gerald. I guess I need to start thinking about whether or not I wanna say it it. Well let you can if you get that out of your own we're gonna jump off a year and while you guys can assert the mess out of going. Eight.