War Of The Roses 6-22-18

Friday, June 22nd


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It's just he's on with us this morning morning Chelsea. Morning. So Ryan and Chelsea have been dating for about nine months pretty serious relationship though Ryan just got back from a trip. To see his parents in Southern California and while he was gone Chelsea you said that you saw his mom posting. A bunch of Hawaiian vacation pictures. From a trip that looks like Ryan's mom and dad went on right. Yeah out storms really weird because she put only photos and looks like the two of them are on the trip like they're not Alter that their current terms but he says he's with them and not an ADV photos. So he didn't go on the trip with them to Hawaii he just said he was going to Southern California. Why aren't. Positive. This like that hash tag light posts situation. War. About hash tag throw back Thursday. All right we'll get Ryan on the phone TDs and offer him roses in we're gonna find out who we sends the roses to OK since. Or euros this week. Hello. Brian yeah fleet. This is an amount that you are speaking to. Is true reseller. And I'm calling today with a special guest offering to all of our valued customers today's kid is one dozen long stem red roses absolutely free you. LO BS Hubert credit card number you see an additional charge on your bill or anything. It's just a promotion are doing to show you how much we appreciate your business as a salad something you'd like to take advantage of today. Yeah I totally didn't expect that you got to keep it do something like this. Well sure we just want to show you how much we appreciate them a pass all this time. It's really easy to get star then all I need is the first and last name of the person you'd like this and the roses to. Yeah I definitely don't servant shall. Chelsea it. Are okay. And then before I get chills he's address you're able should include a personalized card to be delivered with the roses what would you like that to say. Are you are just put in the corner lot you. To say I love you okay. Yeah AS you don't girlfriend so right OK and then as I type your name and her she's in her own you know just I okay yeah note. Just certainly OK I Ryan this is Gavin tedium marina where the we can call and what a 65 BN Euro a segment we call war of the roses but wave of water. Yet there are no roses and try to break the news do you bring your girlfriend Chelsea has come to us to give you call it coffee rose is she's a little suspicious that you might be cheating she wanted to know who leads in the roses to you pass our test. I don't know why loose like -- get her on the bottom let her explain. I just Syria there. Now just here on the dry and I just. I'm so confused. I've aged and why did he say you're richer parents and they were politely what quickly what are you couldn't what are you can piece. So basically what do you think it would Southern California Nancy your family don't. Shortly after that tells you saw pictures on your mom's basement PJ gas that indicated that your parents actually in a hole and why he. When you were supposedly visiting bat. Late why wouldn't know what I would do is actually about it or pull that. All the pictures but I don't have and I really don't like what he's a club now know I went down there and and I need I didn't get a intentionally to get down their achievement parents I'll check some other drug does in the heat. Arum. You know I had a lot of people I was speeding public obviously you know what I could have urged yell I just going to my parent child shall I was gonna call all the way down there it is out of Iraq on vacation. Somewhere else and I didn't find that out solos on the lead out there now. You flyer drives. No I drove. In the tri he's never once called half are up there and. When I was telling them all the way down that I was still pregnant actually dropped out there are well in a hurry hurry up 20 lead her around you. Linda an entire trip. Ended happily there all a bodily mom dad I'm I'm given to see guys how sorry honey rice and Hawaii right now. You'd think what battling through. No I didn't know. Now these guys here's the beer gut telling you after the call and worked my whole army data would curb parking lot so. You talk your mom every day woods does think it seemed like. You knew they'd meet god nine. Yeah it I mean there's not much like he'd like. I know like what what what what median parents in Turkish foreign you know like. Did and what she thought originally. We're not here I cut you have to admit that it does. Your story seems weird. No this is this as I I think under the and the perception. That it that it should be booted off the books about the case. I listen Chelsea. You know we we made the call he's wanted to sing you the flowers. On this kind of the best we can do right now yeah but it would blow OK let's sit right about we're on target anymore are gonna Chelsea okay. I.s so Chelsea I'm you know. Hopefully you guys could talk this out maybe Canas you know get to the bottom of this but not much more we can do from this point. Wow what prompted 190 thank you and I appreciate your welcome guys for the roses on the wake up call.