War Of The Roses 9-14-18

Friday, September 14th

Melissa thinks Evan is cheating after his work phone blows up:

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Our car this is Melissa good morning Melissa. Well so animal a seven together for about two and a half years and they lived with each other for I just over a year. But two weeks ago Melissa capturing a buzz. Coming from Evans gym bag so she looked inside and she found a second phone. And the less he said you didn't know he had read he didn't tell you about this or are you get. He joined confronting him about it. I did the gap he said that worked and that he actor following and that. He's email or any I'm it. And it showed me a while you're. Pamela C also told us off the air you into one of his co workers. And asked if they were really given work phones right. Yep we dead and he did say that they are it'll work. So that's legit legit stainless. Well Jim has a work phone. So when you can't and suddenly it's her work found it everybody legit did that work phones are bullets as a reason to not show you now. You know what you said that day would think policy this year and company and Matt. You know all be. He. FBI. Call Canada. And he worked for attacked her. Source for tech firm. By his old deal. We're gonna get Evan on the phone kiddies get off from free roses we're gonna see if he sends them to you Melissa or fees sentences somebody else and and I think we'll kind of get our answer cranked. The case. More bruises and. Well yeah. Student and a please. Well your little list please. Are calling to me with a gift that were offering to all of our valued customers today's kids is one dozen long stem red roses absolutely free. Now I don't ask you for credit card number thirteen additional charge and your Biller anything it's just a commercial arguing to show you how much we appreciate your business and it's really easy to get started all we need it the first and last name of the person you'd like this and the roses to. Well. Yeah your credit let alone. Now. You're consumer. Had. OKE. And then before I get in means address you're able to include a personalized card to be delivered with the roses what would you like practice. Well can you justly complained we're just not regarded. Playing yeah I inventory work. Barrage one million medical workers here at oral it hurt really terrific in front. Oh okay. Escude villainy interrupt for a second high and then this is a Gavin tedium reign at where the wake up call on 165 the end you're on a segment we call war of the roses sir it is your free roses today. We wondered off for them to you deceit greed send them to alchemy didn't send Melissa the roses. Cool yeah I don't know that it might opt to keep and also mentioned the Ludwick not to me and I think she pretty much every arm weary and there. To Geneen is your boss to spring pulled and I'm Melissa are you there. Yeah I'm here I Melissa did you know Geneen is is Evans box. Yeah I can't tell you that it is clear that he added you're probably thinking on the ice island that is about principle. No I'm not now. Do you put it toward your goal and I haven't opened slut should know I'm not it would third or something. So why are you sending a couple hours. You ought to look at it out of me so why didn't and Rosie. Didn't say like that their friend you know so like she's gonna get roses. She would no I don't well that the roses were from you know race. What exactly it will there's not gonna you know it's just want her to happen. What what are some of the basket a costly years something like here's something that's not gonna red roses news. You got offered merely that you're all from your belt. Should copy. So do you like your boss so much are so appreciative which you don't wanna spent any money honor. Our every need somebody had no ice free gesture that easy and wanted to work with. How about this ten Melissa looking your file and your work phone. Yeah I yeah I guess. Giambi was suppose I can lose yet. There's now legally supposed to. Yet now you know New York Eric tech firm what do you do for the tech arm do you murder people stop. I think everything you're saying it people haven't. I think bully him. You do really. Had. I think he is. I'll won't follow her and leave the nice guy hey I think he's misguided it. Maybe hugged the rush other spots but I don't I don't I don't I well OK not my best. Evan listed as as a fellow American IA thank you for keeping our nation's secrets secret. And Melissa. Easy fix he says you can look through the phone and down maybe just to have a chip shot what the boss next time this year. Yeah I mean I I will definitely cattle or what you are geared. This batch of.