Weird American Things

Friday, April 1st

Ever wonder how the rest of the world views Americans? The Wake Up Call run through a list of things people from other countries find weird about America…

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Just yeah yeah yeah. Love tennis this list came out basketball in different countries I think it's weird about America people have been here before and here on the top ten some of whom are now. The things you'd expect like. The massive size of the vehicles we drive everyone's constantly driving above the speed limit these are things people other countries think he's weird about how true come to California and crash site. He had that Doug had noticed that and how friendly peep far. This is something I intend weirdest things about America according to be able from other countries there's American flags everywhere that's true yeah may come. Sir. Up as and they don't even and other countries now are the most likely thing I've ever seen in other places was in Italy and it was because Americans were buying souvenirs. I mean we and universally no we don't forget where around. Basra a ten weirdest things about America according to my other countries the gaps on bathroom stall doors and it I guess I guess I'm. I don't know and I made against him by memory between sega's kind of see through as you walk by here. We kind of get like this weird impression that in other countries they don't even have doors and bathroom. The exact opposite and they have Florida C doors. In indoor. The regulatory. I think it's just yet what we have the door already invented what many people don't you know we need to bathrooms and your doors. Why nowhere else in life outside of like saloons and bold west movies did the door come up your knees that's true why. I don't see a bit. There and embarrass them by trying to open it I think so that lived there is a toilet overflows situation that doesn't touch. That would make sense of the doors were one inch off the ground yeah they're like a foot and a the water do you think you're gonna. The toilet. Three hours it says it's all right I some backwards there again and again ten weirdest things about America according to people from other countries all the TV ads for lawyers and prescription drugs yeah that's true I'm also got. Hold on to any parent depending on what country you go tell. The commercials over there. Don't make any sense and don't even they feel like the commercials for people's dreams like you go to. Like you talked about when I got back in Italy we didn't talk once about a commercial. That was like in and Night Shyamalan movie and thirty seconds insured children playing with the adorable stuffed bear. I didn't understand the language it was not an Italian. And man in the last five seconds on the commercial the bear open you've been felt up. From the inside I have 48 pallidotomy. Written. And then it's just a logo. Looks like argued. I can weirdest things the weirdest things about America according to people mother countries. All the drive throughs this is actually criticize her son as we've heard Delaware's Indian Thursday and decisions up these last two are my favorites. They're squirrels everywhere. It's just like. Like it's crazy don't print of an American is usually is corals there. Everywhere and let's go we've got squirrels everywhere and it seems weird it's that we just accept that like your ball is that rat has a bushy tail. Cool I could give a rats Britain plays global route through billions. Walk up there and give the other bag a leg men's drove so yeah. If I remember and how involved there and this favor one to do this what I've always thought Hough. Like I've never seen people go you know what I need to go to Disneyland at four Six Flags forward to stare for. I need one of these however they're everywhere. 010 weirdest things about America according to people from other countries. The giant Turkey legs they salad theme parks yeah. Don't get in America and I still think that's we're like yeah I mean imagine like you go back you're like OK first ball there's squirrels everywhere. Number 20 I needed help turn my drink to my seat now in the ball game they took me till. And I ate an animal's giant leg which was disgusting yeah none of this makes sense for people. Actually don't know a single person in my life that eats Turkey legs I order I go on once in a Renaissance fair which is when I hate when I first ultrasound. You know it's still just not yeah it. The atmosphere where do not what we know with the Renaissance do we know they have allowed Turkey legs fully complete and are still it's probably did well they didn't. I'd be there at the tire. We're getting all but aluminum but did answered by a bunt to be fair I have always had a problem with this because I love history could only. There isn't extraordinarily. Misleading title but couldn't smell the Renaissance and medieval times. It's an aura about a a love for. Core sets and swords and yeah yeah. Lots of funds could be a lot of all pick balloons. Perhaps and everywhere but there's might walk in her. There. Renaissance that's my point so does that give it to argue like fifth minute the Renaissance fair to the Italy and then they called medieval fair and and it was good restaurants there I would imagine be a lot of like deep grapes and Big Easy and she need to break the record yeah. So yeah. It's hard.