We're The Best?!

Monday, November 6th

The Wake Up Call plays a new game "We're The Best" for tickets to Best of Sacramento. 


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Still he Sacramento magazine's best of Sacramento party actually this is cool it benefits the make A wish foundation wrong it's Saturday November 18 at the Sacramento convention center. And we found out we have been nominated. For best Sacramento morning show. We have no idea how that happens I is still my mom had the good. I asked him any about it I know voted for us thank you very much as absolutely we appreciated we have no idea how any of that. Happens he'll think they had to throw like one go in there like. Well you know like yeah here at the Oscars they're like and the and the best actor goes to Tom Hanks who. DiCaprio. And then Tom Cruise and there's always dislike. You know Sunday night and our guys for your wish I mean you couldn't. The word go anymore are because no not writings greatest of all time okay. We used to mean bad okay backhand is a fact that this is. Greg good morning. And yeah. I had a direct our great is gonna get we're gonna actually if he hears a little bit of the premise. We sound clips of us here on the wake up call will gonna use will play the clamps and you have to predict. What is going to happen at the end of the clip gamma would give you multiple choice options you just have to guessed right won okay. I get the most right in we're gonna say you'd see the Sacramento magazine best to Sacramento party and these kids are donated a hundred bucks hey it's crazy that's how some party I've never been I know we stopped inviting you Yemeni kitty I have win multiple years and around gas and it's a lot of fun maybe this year younger woman hanging out this camp this. This contest is going to highlight just how terrible we actually are X I I well I will play the beginning of the clip and then we'll get a day adoptions here he got his so that clip number one. And what kind of my blood sugar down low you gonna add like a northerners original hard candy or let's striving for you. And Greene yeah my America I byters dodge should sit around and they did and who. Feel and sometimes jihadist Nino little lick them even better had he even. OK now did cheat and say today. I. Clearly afford peanut butter so it's good delegates the org. Or C. I think it pays like what I imagine prince seafood tastes like a. Or eight I accidentally block too much today and I can't let it go to waste. Oh I'm going with the frugality of eight. Yeah he barely afford peanut butter so at the delicacy. And. Daring yeah. Here is let Larry I don't know how the smaller jar of peanut butter club. Live would. Outlaw huh. Tiger blood. Are you a floppy user for when yesterday. Medium so sometimes your fishing around for you never really looked down just so good at it now Syria cleared your appeared looking further out apartment curtain. And then he just he can't find an entirely have to go what the hell and you looked down and they can't find it and they are like a mini panic attack because. Okay did I then today and then for some reason you think there's something wrong with your penis. Or me. That was the last place I love did. All saying it's not as if I remember the day or. ABC or day. I wanna go to a second straight penis on the radio I'm a galaxy. He should go with your. You wanna change your do you change your mind. Oh OK then for some reason you think there's something wrong with your penis. And you're on the board I give me an excellent Kevin you probably even know this you know what the classic line I. And it. Can't get Matt Ryan as far as Ryan no no that's right. I'm job. On the link and gone with the wind Phelan and your hair. It demons. Hey ride with the speeds. That you would you do is coming off what may not see real live. OK give me I hit the press wires frankly my idea there. Did Kevin today frankly my dear I love cats true. Being frankly my dear let's go have sex and frankly my dear let's go have dinner. Or. HE crotch. I think you're with me. Here's what he said frankly my dear let's go have dinner. What I let. He's seen. The Audi a gay icons are keeping track don't worry you'll need water war and then you're going to the party I hear yell what are. That Clark that strain if she came in one day and said guns so why and have made. Pull. Their home. And then did I say and and I need them all kill them removed or being it's the greatest day of my life even better than both my weddings or is it for me. And I got bit on the face trying to catch them. Or defeat which makes my salons which makes the Mike children's lines which makes the my iPad children. Better than both my marriage. Okay here's what she said. Which meets them my swans which makes my children's lines were based on my children but okay. I get this low slung right to go and see this terrible show possibly get a ground zero. I was gonna react to get to be a best of Sacramento here's the last one to be fair the intervention is not telling you it is on the short stack so. Can I go first please him. Dear rains shorts sometimes. All I wanted to go to a bar. And the short stop me from doing that and then the shorts just sit there. And they never answer for themselves they just sit there quietly. And hey let's average and they get smog and my last. Point is. You make me confused because rain is a normal person with a normal body but when he winner when he wears you. Pay it makes him look like a woman beat it makes them look like a giant dwarfed. Free it makes him look like an idiot. Oh boy. Yeah I'm not gonna do it to you thank you know. I'm gonna go where it's. Makes it look at a gentle. It makes them look like a giant war. Currently go to Greg got to get your parents it gets to get the best to Sacramento party it's a November 18 at the Sacramento convention center where in this very low rated morning show is actually nominated. For best morning show in Sacramento and not bad Kevin. Yeah Kevin have to come back thank you. Kevin got the ribbon repressed now look at the ribbon at the policy have big congratulations. Thank you.