What Did Your Dog Destroy

Friday, January 4th

The Wake Up Call talks about the worst things dogs have destroyed!!

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A six idea. TV and crazy it's the way. 76616. Spied what is the most expensive and you're dog has destroyed or asking this question because we got to do your wake up call. From Alan. Shiites in the name. She said you wake up call my dog recently chewed up my phone not once but now twice doll law. I it just spent another 200 dollars for new one for a grand total of 600 dollars. The re off. The doesn't destroy secular and got destroy it and can you please ask your listeners what the most expensive thing their dog chewed up was to make me feel better about myself and not but the dog up for adoption. I can iPad Henry my iPod since he was a puppy I'd I'd literally gotta many weeks old. And when we were living in Michigan. Observing an impediment Condo and had an upstairs downstairs combination so it was. Trek to kind of teach him how to use the stairs inside that it was deal east you have to that you wouldn't be too afraid to go down and had to pick him up and I'll sign and holding. Well then all of a sudden he just started. Teen on the couch and then all of a sudden it turned in this thing at. Even as he grew older that is where he. He doesn't do it anymore unless he's mad at me couch I bought brand new for life and knows calculus he'd like 12100 box. It is completely ruined I can't do anything about it now I'm I've thrown away yet. A great question Gavin on. IE I'd that would. Well. Exactly and I want him when I move into a house a wanna get accounts because along with the house. Why bring you catch it and move in the out content such a messed. The government is the but I loved lots and lots of pictures that people posted in the comments of their dog. Looking like even trouble on with you just crap and stuffing. And very aware you're kind of a dark room. Shawna good morning good morning most expensive thing your dog is destroyed. I'm an apparent think high at. Ari why. Not actually. I didn't even more and eat it. Survived eating battery. I'm dean. Not trying to not luckily we didn't buy and eat and I'd be acted idiotic entity. And we didn't leave me now and you did a great leap out there. I. Always had like. The bonds for. 766165. Stephanie good morning my name while it's the most expensive thing your dog ate. And. They like 380. Talk. Awful. I don't FaceBook somebody said that their dog ate their prescription. Glasses. As soon as they had gotten it and they are 800 dollars I guess you only get like one new Perry years and sometimes every two years. It's oh my gosh so some big sort of setting his dog chewed through ten. Thousand dollars mumbling and keeping white rural might choose through the wires. One of my favorite ones let somebody tipped their dog. I'm Paul and his girlfriend took third on penny or just a happy the farmer's market in the deep as. And they did and they saw a sign it was like oh no no dogs allowed them like we'll just put her in the car it's Marley and me nearly ten minutes I put her in the car. They come back. She. Had put diarrhea are. Please doesn't the car except at the ceiling. And what makes it worsens there like. They had to drive home yellow from Dave on and it was raining really hard rob. I really had to drive with a window that my I. Not just like your car on fire employer insurance company and say vandals did it. Is that legs and yes. The dog is still alive and tasty better god CME. She accidentally he accidentally shot himself into a bathroom. End it she likes that Alec and I rain for like twenty minutes. He panic so much that the dot. Give me and my this lead very paper. And that is not only bad in so humiliating it affects a lot of people. Melissa said that their golden doodle bill or. Shoot through her husband's work Internet. And cut off the Internet to everywhere in the that wow. That is great I. Added that it happens to you your pit stop and now everybody is a mom and a pit stop you know the united stroke.