What To Do With Kanye Now

Monday, November 21st

After Kanye went on a crazy rant and stormed off stage at his Sacramento show over the weekend, the Wake Up Call talk about what we should do about Kanye going forward...


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If you guys wanna hear. In the grass I just heard this is an audio Tonya for those who don't now you played like is honored to czars or whatever and rented served. What was like 1516 minutes before leaving. Leaving this is that this is right toward the end it's a little edited bait you get the gist of how people are trying to turn on him before just drop the might have left. Okay. See Emma Bunton. Waiting to talk to us and 7661079. In turn Kennedy's. Easy might as well. I know it intern Kevin on the Sino here at the time yea show what was your favorite song of the song needed. You only good for. I am hearing mixed as you can. Our song I heard he did three and then people are saying he did the same song twice now is that so we aren't there are so Kevin says or do you consider the rant to be like a freestyle. I know grant was due did anything like cents and he said he really saying. Oh yes when he was talking at its mask about fiancee and her eighty total. He sat at the arms saying quote that she would not a former they have made this her video did not list. No but they called cardiac but he went into Iraq to. Did anything sound like a personal attack to you or your livelihood. Are really nothing I do I usually face melodies start Serena or write more about this team better. Nothing in this kind of stands out is like at radio ratings are down oh yeah he's set but I am so I did. Way Ed watch. Eggs are. I had UCL blood that I mean you work in radio and now. I still I would take the. I'm home I was awkward it was very awkward. Share did you think you to come down their beat the crowd but in the no he did earlier that radio if he were there are you not arrogant know it did did you know he did and that's one reason we hear he laughs but know little. They care you have left themselves how do you feel about the whole thing now a few hours they are to remove in this whole thing. I have self eight it's as simple order and attack and that's a question like what we do now with Kanye day he's known these rants but do we. Do we boycott people confidence I would love it I would love if we boycott and cognac you wouldn't isn't land Alina good morning. I'm Elaine a lot of your Stanley asked Tonya and new boycott time you're what are your thoughts. Really intense sound people out Kate has yet it was the first. Performer at a superb talent on offense. He had been out dealing without mental illness and with that there are Asian and this Connie Connie breaking point. I know he did what outlandish things I don't think anyone escaping the fact that we are witnessing his mental breakdown and I. Okay we don't. Take it so we talking about this last night on text messages and what to do and we knew that that was something that people were saying just exactly what you just said. You know he's having any sort of mental health problems and kind of makes you insensitive. To just reject that on him. If he's showing signs the bill will not eat you out totally what's the difference usually find the beard total ate all yeah. But you'd assume that it's because he has mental health problems would like. What's my line. A west ever GeMS for you furnish say he's having some sort of mental breakdown you say he's acting a little nutty how is that different plus same thing I know. I mean diagnosis and act and try and learn namely these should not mock somebody that has mental illness you should not. Probably I would do. Person he's having some sort of meltdown yeah absolutely but I'm not a positions I can't be right. Elena. I mean did you feel like but if we find out that he's having another department of are going to be like a fool me wish him a break in retrospect. We give him. I think I ain't funny is outlandish I have got back there are about flexibility does he get into the mom and thinking back after the government. His mother is widely noticed him being even car. As someone simple sake. I when he lost the money figured to say it's kind shut chairman couples because he's been speaking ever since that do we boycott down. Kevin not a cabins that I interned at a point as bad as it. You know there's not internship. Yeah that was pretty cool okay do you think now we should boycott Kanye. You know I honestly. I do but you're not gonna have enough people from this and basically are gonna boycott Kanye and it's just not gonna happen at that comes up and a Con Ed about the content over and it won't happen ever again. Buddy there. I did see how hurt he was by Gaby what is like Zhang beat UCLA called me brass. Either you are gonna kill him. I mean he's got they feel lucky son the key here latency shots and he's got FaceBook and start trash talking his friends are good to be save everyone a lot of time garrison the first thing your still stands though there I am a Gayssot Kevin using your still gonna be you're not very little concert anymore Smart you learned your lesson finally had to get burned by the fire why am I the last three finals a lot of people have not and that's experience most people. No they haven't personally what just happened to you and you mentioned I was a question for Canada's walking away from a showed ten minutes then I think this is no I mean him showing up super super late. Him DN. Crap show on stage here ranting. I'm just I'm shocked that people are still interested in being bands at his when he it's not him like just like. Peacock and onstage or something. He hates you and like OEC hates he had any jazz and children. That he has nothing but contempt and zero respect for the things they keep his machine going great fans radio record companies. After UConn you have to first he's. The first artist like attack radio because they think you know we only play or allowed to play if the song is a hit will play head and it's no conspiracy whispered but I'm saying like. I don't know I mean he we don't nobody hates us. He she that last night that he barely heat he knew like somebody then wanna have them not to hair. About his feet and what does not hear about the people that he didn't care about the time he isn't here map their Manny as far as he's concerned then you're lucky. I still a soccer well then lucky ice out of in the first place. Few Kanye do you know what your question again why is he still supporting drama I would you still be ban. I'm simply because it is music's good. You can't take that away from them as an artist. I music that sounds like it pretty much anywhere. I mean I'm not so unique in this music was spectacular. Ten years ago. Yeah opinion like like here's a deal at first I must stand boycotts the punishment at the greatest like. Song in the world we're gonna play it I would hate to have this one experience. As bad as it lies as a professional that wasn't you know rule everything what type in 1000 we have NC. And people taxi and saying that would instead of boycotting we should just never talk about Kanye any other part which is like exactly what he wants and totally down for that can we also include his wife because I'm down for that tail just never talk about the two of them ever again. I don't want it all doesn't favor say I I think my guys have when we say. When we say yea yea. So it's kind Yang did it and yet even theirs names so recently saying hey we band behind Yang. Know. Eight and guy isn't about but we can stop whaling that machine I like Gavin said just stop talking about him. Stopped caring about am I don't agree with a lot. Get that this is not because they think what happens it's really easy to forget that like that's happened in and what are our news cycle a million things have happened since then. Don't forget that this happened don't forget they he treats his feet and this way. Yeah sounds. Yeah I'm not a big fan boycotting them we get Edwards the public stage image fake names are kinda. Like. Now Ben yea this over the weekend I had band not doing that well understand that we were not giving him the respect and we are come up with something stupid. Now latex and tell us should should be a band that conversation should be banned his music. We don't make all the decisions around here so maybe someone higher revelry the mall making decisions for us. You know indeed need easy word BM just like stop let's forget about Kanye you and he didn't just stop I forgot about me is that it Eminem song. No. Rattle goes around and by now we could use an as yet forgot about the end endowment that's.