What Ruined Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 22nd

33% of Americans say that they're afraid of politics is going to ruin their Thanksgiving dinner. This gets the Wake Up Call on the topic of What Ruined Thanksgiving? 


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16 idea. Growing New Year's Thanksgiving dinner 76610650. We can Texas in at 73389. We found the statistics 33% of Americans say they are afraid. That politics. Are gonna ruin the Thanksgiving dinner this year vowel boy Iowa I could imagine. I'm lucky unlucky that everybody on my family on both sides of my family any of my in laws all politically agree. You know oh my lucky I again I give myself a stern talking to an end decided. What my response and reaction was going to be if my feel only insured talking politics. I joke. What I thought I choke me there are now well. Like in an effort to not in goal each in any conversation whatsoever. I'll man I can't do that. And NASA is there. I'm rooting for everybody you know I'll think debate every time bomb man how. What percentage will worried about Barack 33% of Americans were afraid the politics are gonna ruin their Thanksgiving dinner I'm actually shocked desired map. Till we want to know your stories are what ruin your Thanksgiving dinner we got to Texas 73389. This is his Thanksgiving about ten years ago everyone was doing karaoke and eating and drinking I was fifteen at the time and had two cousins that when their early twenties. And they started fighting one cousin went did choke my other cousins neck so me and her twin brother had to break up a fight and take him outside of the house. Needless to say karaoke was over why your. The line. We got so many comments on FaceBook a lot of them were fights right I kind of ignored those because they're all kind of similar just like karaoke you knew it was over. And a lot of serious ones do both so like I'm just look at perhaps for like funny ones are likely lose once I. I was that. I think he's giving once at a friend's. Uncle's house. And somebody pulled into his driveway. And then I guess. Thought that bare foot was on the break and thought the car was in park. And is going to get out of the car and their footed the gas and drove right through the garage door why. That ruined Thanksgiving and shorter my god. I somebody whom. And they are had a holiday ruined I put somebody who own it wasn't the first time her parents would be meeting her boyfriend's. And it was their first holiday together and at my friend's dad isn't. Extraordinarily. Knee. Eccentric Alden and he means he's a sweet I had the sweet sweetheart. These just kind of a weird Al yeah and he really wants to impress the boyfriend. So for some reason he opened up many many cans of cool her. Sean did all the tune in together and shaped it and who finish. That was part of what was served. And then heat cook didn't hire a true eat and then went through all the need after the Turkey. And then cut also meet in the tiny little squares. And put. Tooth picks through them and that is how he served. That your. Hi I mean you got to leave at that point as you're about to be killed half I mean everybody stayed but my friend was so. Humiliated. It was weird that's weird he had stayed for deserting you met him when your skin is a Jack I'll tell yeah. Piecemeal and higher up producing Gaby is in your gay butcher story. I'll island god already had a got a job to me. What I always had a really small families so there was never drama but. My boyfriend has a huge gambling. And so many different extended you know Stanley is there and one time I think this was last year. They had leg shot set up in the laundry room. One of his relatives immediately like gets their stars doing shots. And then not even that much later she yells in my boyfriend's mom and she says. You are never a good odds of me how. And a huge fight is yardstick the model is not yet they started arguing with each other basically yelling at each other. And so basically there was too awkward to even continue so I think this is leaving only came in and shouted out well I think it by the whole party just like I. I know I was so yeah. The other years based on comments I was very little delayed Jan said they went over to a friend's house and all they had was crabbing grapes that. I hi. Media said that things giving 2010 she accidentally ate a pot cookies and spent the entire night on the couch staring at the TV static. OK I just think the thing about whoever had the pot could eat out at super dangerous. Yes it is. End. Ever wondered Thanksgiving bully but okay. Happy sad. Sixth grade things giving her mom was yelling at her cause she wouldn't stand up off the floor to say goodbye to war how. I'm not a bad and then she goes it's because that this and you better period for the first of all. Leave the Fed the dog ate the Turkey Omani com. Not Andrea said that her baby came several weeks early on Thanksgiving. And like what was supposed to be like this beautiful thing was just her and her husband. Ended up being like forty relatives that the hospital that all like what a delight BM or business own my. And Jen said that why in exploded in the kitchen I don't know how that happens the bad things more dangerous than a block cookie frank why exploded in the kitchen and shot glass all over all the food. And they had to throw everything away. I don't know how terrible. Sam good morning. In morning. Good things whenever oyster boyfriend. And in high school when you have just started beating you bring your first boyfriend home had Thanksgiving Day or your family. Today giving me a weird look. Also Neil and it could not figure out why did you play smiling at me really weird. And then all of that in he get this like. I mortified if they are you looking and then afterward be pulled aside and he told me. I would linked with even with your mom under the table. You. Yeah. You're not with him. She had no idea I think to his base he's still think what might. Yeah. Oh boy and has that. Nicki keep that under wraps up and I think it be anyone and I general. I just sad that the person I love this one just said that the person who was in charge of things giving lost track. Of what she told the food to her like who she told what to bring god and she told every one to bring being green beaten. And she said they had Turkey and tour.