When To Call 911

Friday, November 17th

Rayne found an article that tells you when you should wait for an ambulance and when you should drive yourself to the hospital. 


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The end if someone needed to go to the hospital a date with that pretty serious either injury medical condition. He called 911 to get an ambulance or did you put them in your car and you hall lasted a house I always. Err on the side of get your car let's go super. I feel like you would depend on so many different things what is the emergency how far you from a hospital. If it's something like a heart attack and waiting for an ambulance is probably better. If you can give them CPR while you wait in linking it CPR in the ambulance on the way. It's on the neck and neck injury in don't wanna move them. Just keep them still wait for the ambulance to show up now there are two types of injuries where it does not make sense to wait for an ambulance. Okay. If someone is stabbed or someone doesn't ban shot you've put your car and you drive them to the hospital immediately. I make sense why apple again huh. Does Buckeyes first all time is of the essence now really could you bleed out. And all the the ambulances gonna do probably I'd imagine is applied pressure to raise that up. So like you do that that's all he can do an ambulance immune been shattered sap they don't. Stitch you or anything like that in the city EMTs can't do much treating penetrating injuries he just need to give them hospital this study actually from Johns Hopkins University found nag gunshot victims 55%. More likely to survive if someone drives them to the hospital her only crew. Why 68%. More likely to survive if someone is stabbed wow a bit what might get unlike say. If someone who goes in the Ian AFLAC Dick shock and their throat starts closing up I'm asking for a frat calm at this article that's insane. I mean it probably says something like just make sure you've got your trusty friend Gavin there. With an iPad and waiting to stab a UAL. By. A mixture you have your trusty friend again. That's Philly well okay I you know it's a way to that I beat them because I have read the papers for anybody got. Now by the way Katie. I got. Prescribed an epi pen because she has an allergy to some them we've not a lot of attention I Eddie Kaye. Are buried dairy no war so I won't raise the food and sent an OK it was prescribed it. After Arab might throw started closing up and I and go to. Then she said Gavin your EU get did use the epi pen on me which made my day right we practiced I was great outing you know the first time he read the instructions and then. Did Iran won't and then you can check in again and get it right then you'd have the FB pat away from me and I have not seen the player wise we're gonna I was gonna hide it here somewhere around my. Degette im not good considering your memory is shot Blair is. It's. Inside pocket of my per certainly hope I'm not a first ball I don't know which one of those seven bags is your first or second hall. What. Dull all purses have like five pockets inside and you only have one inside zipper pocket so it's like this. Herb I include a 11. Heard his blog about her let her. Is that it. That's. Earn Georgia ten. And have an. And everything. The trick and a. Yeah do you. Who started the. Yeah. Inched. And we did that that was the big one problem and so now stab you multiple times of the Bragg is it. Day yet. You're right about that. Lucky to be alive right now. He's so. Like I hate he. Do you why do you laughs it is right all they know no great point guard found the darn thing. Person who isn't the only volunteered. To home. Stab you web app and that friend UN hey you would've asked before where they end. What would've probably did this conversation. So I'd have gotten. We need to ask where it is every day I'll do that you could just. I'll ask every day from now on. Well what I'd put it back up the front from now one. And it's gonna be the new hello and good. You're a big time. You did it during the show at some point at random times at the gores of Michelle got illegalities are get a ballet. Felt like sheltered Al Haig Katie swisher epi pension. I. Aaron and you don't know where it is right now holly you might hold hers the first that I switched from the one you gave your three year old the plane load of be the first thing I'd tree absurd. Apparently not. And that an adverse is not here right now isn't know you're gonna go home today and your daughter's gonna tell you mommy guess what the dog doesn't light hit and.