Where Were You Kicked Out

Thursday, September 13th

Obama was in SoCal and told people he was kicked out of Disneyland:

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All my dad. Eat fried eggs because the yoga makes me gag. 7661065. Or you can text us at 73389. We want to know the stories of where you got kicked out out. President Barack Obama was I giving a speech over the weekend it's that he once got kicked out of Disney land for smoking with his friends. It sent to to go on that gondolas while he was smoking cigarettes and a two large officers came toward Obama and his friends and kicked him out of the park for breaking the rules. I am sure he's been back since then but he doesn't it really is that he hadn't the rules as though you can't smoke anywhere inside Disneyland right. On the Ryan Moore yeah. To 766165. Or you can tell excess of 7339. Of the places you've been kicked out of in the stories that are behind. Some of these stories are so great. Living enough of my life I am and and kick out of any where that's shocking. That's actually the marriage is in shock and drank the drink a lot. Yeah but I don't and then you get really loud when you drink OK and I am usually drinking at a place where there are other drug people getting. I have in my hand a giant stack of papers that prove that that does not matter what. And you can link to access a guy whom we were in Chicago we went to a place called roll able what's called swirling ball really well. And Katie was. To be tied walking in to that style yeah she knows how story and she was super duper lout who and I had a thought like I wonder were you kicked out. Doing anything. You're just drunk and really I allowed. Is it. Oh. No I haven't had chance still. These comments from listeners Murray is the said that she got kicked out of Danny's 'cause she was barefoot. Well I don't know big daddies can't be that can be the first time. Where no shirt no shoes no servers start any California I figured the law that you barefoot anywhere. I'm doing I think that bad of a lot. Like led. There is a fat. Lou said that. She got kicked out of the drive in movie theater but cause they were yelling with a bullhorn. I. These are April that they they got kicked out of the play's called doozies in bass late. 'cause I was dancing totally drunk of course and people were throwing money at me. All. RT said that their whole group got kicked out of a place in Reno. Called and 210 club you know that is rain and then to. Now at some club and they all got kicked out of their ball service. And somebody's girlfriend that they brought to roll up into the ice bucket I. All out of love. Story lots one involves throwing up on all the booster seat to the tgif. You. Actually makes it even more shocking than I've never been kicked out of anywhere because I am an than. Avid pew car yeah that is true I mean it is it's almost like go to move. 766106. Ivory can texas' 7339. Here's some tax I got to got a Wal-Mart for playing adult hide and seek. I got a call you shouldn't get him out for that faith is being courage I just got kicked out of the mix on my birthday for being drunk I was there for 45 minutes and elicited. I got data laughs so limited an old sack for having a wee bit too much to drink but in my defense my husband didn't cut me off. All BellSouth like something they would. While while while you all now. To my home is blaming it on not so good at math I know. Going to be blood play on the bag I didn't get any bread and well today and bread stalled amid the many dude you look like you we bloodier Brad. I don't. This the other anymore putting and we got taxed. I this'll get I get ticked up a Wal-Mart with an extra playing bouncy balls and throwing them back in the display. I pulled one out and then half of them so loud and we were running down the aisles and shopping cards and they chases down to kick us out it was like an apple Levine music video. Mean you kind of elegant in all. And all that out trail okay this is my favorite line. This from a growing the game and most of these stories have been drawn right she wasn't dropped all she got kicked out when she was ten years old. Bubble butterfly conservatory. Poll new home and the reason why. She got kicked out of butterfly conservatory is because she's terrified of butterflies. And she didn't know that until somebody took her to a butterfly conservatory. Which you have a complete mental breakdown are screaming the.