Who Cheats When

Thursday, December 28th

Rayne found an article that proves that women cheat in their marriages before men do. 


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16 idea. So this study is come out that proves that this sex. Is more likely to cheat earlier marriage then later. Which sixty guys think it is men or women turn. Incorrect. Yeah how women it says dad it did the study has come out that is then has proved that women are more likely to cheat. Earlier in a marriage then later it says that women are more likely to cheat between six in ten years of marriage than men. Or more likely to cheat if they've been married eleven years or more lending. Lol does that make. And why would women in. She earlier. And then she later. Says the reason is because of pressures of raising kids. And facing middle age. Okay. Interest game and for men do well this actually says in the case of men but time they are most likely to cheat. Also coincides. With the siege of when they focus some things they haven't yet achieved and true. Hey you've got a big and famous is that I'm woman but I don't necessarily buying what they're saying about women who does it seem like. Approaching little wage would make you even less interested in getting naked in front of someone bring in milk. Amid the pressures of kids how do you even have the Tom Kean. If he didn't think middle aged approaching middle aged so like I'll bet women might have thought like. I am knocking on the door of not feeling comfortable. Naked in front of other another person that's not my husband. And this might be the last time that I can't or something like that so approaching middle age is not middle aged we got to Texas and women she'd earlier while they still have their figures so Bakley some men age like a fine wine example John schema must. You know he then the flag I don't I've told that. Elderly Greek yogurt. A young guy. Ordered by Google I don't have my view not my job. I'm telling you call this a victory firm and why I 'cause we can be faithful marriage or longer than ladies can we get a blades. They are finally hanging your hat and I want. I'm like you are the better sense of how long and women think the buckle would fix in between six and ten years. Okay you know Albert dock connector here and I can't that's our fault the guy on the greens aren't all. Neighbors samurai of court today that you'd. Like do you still do you take its third grade did because were urging. They're reading you Ain TE mind you we're gonna go all have to watch all you. Did did. Are there any pages blessed indeed gender stereotype played. I. Yeah. Now there are. Just hand that I think that at the very interest thing that men are more faithful if married. Are. Old spice. The year doesn't think it's signifying. It's detain and five years five years. Will bowl Lonnie for your your numbers I get your ballot numbers I'll tell you. I think it's very telling. That all the more now I will say that's all that more men cheat. In marriage than women do our thing that they that says Ali true and not feel the sites I have got to go ahead and say here you don't like the Smart and right you're Smart and tight as the only person that's not. Miree in this room there's a reason why aim 34 and not married needs to give a I only wanna be memorable. For her because look weird about how. Yeah tirade and you feel like. You're really important I was trying to make it okay mom dad I only wanna get married once pay and well the. I. Yeah I really raised the London. I don't wanna have a double our nobody's bowels raid involved let's ride this out as long as we can't. This text said is it worse than men cheat later into the marriage question mark like ten years and then you throw it all away wiser. You may want to Yankee Marty made the investment after ten years whereas like early on it's like. Yeah stellar late inning it's what they said about women that was the pressures of can't try to give kids that like it does sound like on the men whose end of things. It's like. It doesn't matter what how your wife treats fuel or what your marriages like it has more to do live. What you didn't do in your use and you need that mark that off your back that. I don't know why a sexual conquest could be on that list like for me not good on all but the older I get the more I think of stuff like. I've never gone skydiving with an eye on everything. I see in the pyramid thing you know why I would manner big. Oh yeah about sex skydiving dug down while you're gonna break from the you wake up call.