Willy Wonka's Factory Accident

Tuesday, June 21st

Gavin, Jason and Katie discuss the "real" reason a pipe burst at the Willy Wonka Factory in Illinois...

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0107. Now. This is the real story from Chicago Tribune. Pipe bursting. And not just any candy factory. But Nestle's. Willy Wonka candy manufacturing plant so there's a link Jenny you know this is a legit Willy Wonka candy factory in Illinois. Well the real company won't write an essay on the daily so Willy Wonka. And a cap of a pipe broke that used to control humidity well they finally found Augustus. That's sticker it's like it was Derek contest what did that person do wrong. A little like a pipe that brings chocolate from one side of the bag and no app now. It is very hear from again Chicago Tribune the pipe which carried the chocolate to the chocolate river. One bright bright it is. This group had a coming out happy. He's. Although if Charlie each other factor it was a real true story the way that would go every single time would be like Charlie and Willie. Which is funny there Karl. Have to remember them well that's all I know. No not grandpa Joseph Willy Wonka. We'll go just it's just Marley and will. And I'll give you guys also strains are calling mr. Wong got that right that's strange. I know Willy is so where's the oil and Charlie standing in front of what used to be the chart puts on the factory and yet there is now piles of dead to bloom. Oh yes oh and I. I just okay because like five or six other children have gone. So I have I have disrupted so many things the Boe day in day out operations have gone are rod right irons so all these clouds and himself. And Williams would have Charlie who goes. Zero for mass amounts. Sector. Kuroda who will log as goes the Bermuda with a bad insurance Jack and and then poured early study examined it 200 Matt Stairs right. And there's he's with one and Bloomberg the one that wins survivor and he's very close never questioned relationship with. That's the guy who was the songwriter in the choreographers we kind of all night hours out. Yes their really I mean there really is really want factory and employees got sick. How. The chocolate was point oh there was a chemical and apartheid. From the moment should teach yeah a lot of employees got sick. This is that you're back what you said there is so we have yet she served thinking about is that if that were real moment if it were real. Back in the day you can have something like that but today there would just be bad headlines second they get at them on what you've got a test in general you have been nowadays who do we Twitter and stuff. Hash tag dangerous factory you know another child viciously assaulted by a candy factor feet short eight effort to win. Candy factory it seems irresponsible a mile. I don't bag here is volatile part end. Whoever wins against the fact. Area that was no doubt Ferrari. Did. I know that's that's when they come Monday morning quarterbacking it was just a lifetime supply chocolate hats he did surprise them. By giving them the factory and then he crashed him through the glass ceiling yeah. And that's. Go aware did Willy Wally flew over the poor part of London. I crash into field behind big bend and stretch sap had. Nobody ever got benefactor in surely are drinking all the factory yeah. What does Lily Collins into retirement I don't question how does that movie and in and within just being. The end of the president is also. Yet it's it ends with them floating. In this elevator contraption that goes up and he's got to push that button right and he does did multiply that teach us. Because he never pushed his buddy who knew it crashed through the building right as far as we know this was for her efforts to for Willie. To steal home I. Really too bad we don't know what happened.