WUC Confessions 1-18-18

Thursday, January 18th

The Wake Up Call confess some things that no one knows about them: 


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Just call after three years I finally had to buying an eight. I can tell you why he should feel a little embarrassed I didn't want him to be home alone net and I just in the human being on. Yeah and all right. Stanford wake up call confessions and every single Thursday we go around the room and shares deep dark secrets about ourselves that. Are often bears. It's the first the first run. I. When boys are trying beam. They get just likes it out the window. Be good it's better yeah yes it is back five. Years old has backfired on me. Real Manhattan. I was and then a little under the wetter weather and a sinus infection a couple weeks ago still got some drainage. Well like there's something you'd cough not. She's gonna spit it out. Try. Not a great. Till the entire ride home. At Indy get on my clothes. Re driving at the time removing. Classic and then when I got home. He hasn't said what's your hair. I didn't have a deal. That's out there and powerful to an out of my hair. Borough board. It's funny like you guys to teach me how I am gladly and the so. Kind of on the same point of Katie having a little. Sign as build up right it's the season yeah there have a so cold or you have the flu. Well. It also hasn't helped and it's been so dry lately. That I get cold sores in the in in my nose like and that's terrible all you get cold source dear your now now yeah. Like every now it's terrible. Picking my second thought. Yeah I'll be in the Italy. I've done it on the show what we've been talking and have been economic into the body is he's so they had. Seen in person. Just looks all. She reigned as you did it would use add IBM. Every outfit has been taken out of you by trying to resist. I can't stop doing it. No I don't this morning I was like a puts it like neo sport in the air and get this taking care of because it's just knowing me. I'm getting looks now like are you. It's an. If you pick your nose in front of me I won't speak for Katie Dilfer I would like you and I would ask that you might hurt we can call compassion. And Egypt played this does it TV commercial this is one of the series of TV commercials. We've all seen them. They are all common knowledge. Help all of your real. Well. Police here to tell. Them don't have towns the machine. Just don't appreciate the power of conversation real. Yeah who is black and calling them an imaging what am I believe I don't like the machines all and how can I help. Oh. We remember. Treat you guys you treat you know those commercials and ads lovers adopted it themselves. OK I can't tell. If they are the same person. Or not cab and a whole thing is we'd treat you like you and tree hill yeah I don't think they're the same person. But I did not shore and the cause of most of them are not white people I am embarrassed to ask the people in the room when it is playing. Because I'm afraid they're accused me of racism. That is really fair. GO yeah. It does seem like do you Kiet tell. Like the fact that they are wearing completely different clothes and Mary and completely different places like the fact that it. The thing yet. The fact that they are as safe and braces like. Well I guess. Do I what people to be like you why you can't tell too black women apart from each other but 'cause I have to go. I'm not commercial because they're not too black women I can they are. They. Are all sane person aren't you promising person. We treat you like you treat him as well. And is I am telling you guys pull double ACC. I'm telling you I think. They are not the same person there's one OK okay. I can't say I don't think get. They. I can't tell all. And then I. Owe. It. It's personal or not. Huard lose it. Maybe that's confection you'd think you'll lose a net yeah that and he's still wake up.