WUC Confessions 10-12-17

Thursday, October 12th

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Wake up call 16 by the end of tower one of our guide favorite features here on the wake up call this is called wake up calls confessions. We go around the room. We confess something that's been sitting heavy on our minds. Yeah. Are you guys. The survey ran out of stuff that I like. Yeah that's well he just hang out really well willingly and tell like. How can I. And what I think you should go first got. Can raise my dog. He's a four year old Pug. Her when Henry gets his red rocket built. I calmly. Henry. Henry Pritchard. And once CU PP. These stairs and you. And me. Sheen and it does feel like there's nothing wrong doing that in your own time but just the more and more around our other family members we don't do that. And it's which PUI. You mean more people in your life like actually human. I always wondered when dog owners do when their dogs peavy comes out eight verbally say out loud and who. Oaths so you do she you do team I'm absolutely. And guess what Oscar never almost almost. Never ever ever. I feel like three tax food basics how often does Henry's PP come around I'll I mean it's all time. Say keep antibody. Now does he did a TL. Jesse does the helix inning does dad. But you keep you guys know what is no Phillies easier VP I just wake him called confessions. OK mine's also apparently did. And this'll and I am truly embarrassed of so I had a dream and address again this is a dream so I'm not. Oh boy named Holden. Good girl named any. Her brother and sister in any has always been in the closer to me than my wife actually closer to me than every one that she doesn't really like everyone's but she loves me. I didn't dream. Where I was in bed. And then the patrol hole I'm. Any walks into the room. Andy then transforms into a woman. And then seduces me. We've made. Lulled into such a bit. Now she she's. A dream and she had a human body please tell initiating any home but she had eight cat. All I can usually not up. Sell. All sledding should. All of that mean if I say in the evening it's because. For the first time in my life. Someone has made these teach us. Gavin. I am not attracted to my count I will never. I can slow lease they'll never have sex with my cap I can I can scream from the rooftop you know what people who don't wanna have sex with their cat never have to say hey. I don't wanna and yeah. But you PP way they have data. Unless you can and I wake up call confessions. I feel like this is good change the way you guys look at me. And that's saying a lot considering something that I was shared her wake up call backs. Sometimes. Did. I bite my nails him. And it's a bit off like a big chunk of and they own. Keep in my mouth throat. Huh oh and then. I just it would have been. You have to. It. Yeah the president tell me you know he will go. And is healthy and no less than India trooper here's another line I've done it with an alpha. Well I'd like Clinton I don't know about after a shower. And I see a big piece I cannot control the urge to say how old I feel like toy MIT now. I did just that. Extra in the wake up call. Okay. So aggressive tonight.