WUC Confessions 11-2-17

Thursday, November 2nd

The Wake Up Call share more of their confessions:


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A wake up call 165 the end and wake up call confession time. Every Thursday in the wake up call we took a few minutes out of our day to. Share would wake up call listeners. Our deepest. Darkest confessions. This super. Assays and. We are getting to a point. Where. The only confessions I have left. I'm pretty bad. It's a piece. The idea though didn't quarter a year in that the age young but he would you someone like me who thinks. Who sent out loud every feeling and thought that you have. The stuff that is actually I in keeping an eye even better. Is cell block future. So I think that just makes this an even better even better for her. And let's everybody tell you that's right brain you the first all right. This morning at 415. While taking my dog Henry down. I saw two objects running across a Wall Street. But. They were to reckons. I heard Henry making noise. Both stopped them. And looked at me. These dear to me from a five seconds. And then. We've got them. Yeah. Hi guy. And then they walked away and it is and you know follow up did you feel snubbed. But they didn't laid back yes yes. I imagine there's any animal that capable of and it's absolutely Iraq could write the. Yeah bullets is they both stopped once they heard a noise the bugs that were watching and they both stopped at exactly the same time in both turned elect announced at the plate. And then ma'am I. Anthony does get done want him it. I'll go to next. I feel really bad about this month. We have too many toys you just care costs between 22 boys too many to check. So I have been secretly. I'm giving my son's toys away. Because you have to really Aaliyah is that they get everything. And because she doesn't miss that he donate. He leaving they don't even remember they they don't remember that they have it got. Until the other day. He remembered that he had something that I know I gave away. And I spent an hour and a half looking fer toy that I knew wasn't in the house with him. If you can't kept hitting usual hopes up. Hingis hopes of course she did because he thought that there's a chance you're gonna find it right. I think I'd feel bad about it I feel pretty bad about it but she did Georgia got a dill. Maybe maybe maybe don't let him big that it still in the house so what should I. Not yet. Again. Yeah I'd better not no. All you're looking for your ought not to god backs. I'll. It's not safe and our house that night it. Why doesn't matter you know what could be an EN zero idea who. As committed a hit I know we can't find their own choice and I'm really sorry can someone broke into our house in took just do your total that's a think they'll close ties everything else was safe but they must just walked out within. Leon rot thief great thievery by the way need dejudder use a gun Simon I bought. I'd wake of calls confessions. Or 08. Over the past. Maybe mom Parse out. I have been noticing. That my hair and Comair. Isn't the same texture any more. And it feels different. I don't know what to use forced my hand and doing. What does it feel a. It. Dried up strong. I got my entire life without knowing that. I don't know why I think he had eggs plain I don't think I'm doing anything different in your gam oldest. I really well you're die. All night and I rest my case. Paul Martin died when I get so many of your confessions about that part of your body. Any. The thirties many times I am is someone that. That verbally express is everything the Greyhound and everything I'm feeling good thing I am actually keeping back for you is aren't. To that area a lot. And the sun than. What can. Star on and or something any OK fair I have I didn't look it up a lot of that was a suggestion. Did you hear my confession. You got Iraq right eight I weight raccoons that or crawling through the bush is indoor confessional was about your Bush's. A I mean. There. The wake up.