WUC Confessions 12-7-7

Thursday, December 7th

The Wake Up Call share some confessions that no one has ever heard before:


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After three years I finally had to buy UK okay. I can tell you why he should feel a little embarrassed I didn't want him to be home alone net and it is Indian in me. I wake up call concessions scientist where we go around the room and we share our deep. Dark. Secrets. Most of fresh out of first. So. The other day. Have been just the other day. I think my lazy missed it in the Epoch. A hint hint hint who has hit. Hit a peak okay. And I was ashamed of myself event but I saw that it. Sitting on the couch. Highlight did that thing where I just flopped down into the Calgene. And man. The remote. That turns the volume up I was too far away you name. At first I thought I'm just gonna watch it and not really listen and then I got annoying. But I was I hit that comfy zone. So what I ended up doing it was downloading an app on my phones. That I can. Turn it down down. And I literally is that I'll love. Got remote should happen. But I if you have many don't Dahlia in my mind publishing deal and our our. And there's actually involves cat and I have been stealing wood from the construction dumpsters and your name brands. And plan on making birds sure and then I'll mighty god but right now how long it just. I thought that both of what it could. Your husband's an understanding man. I don't you're gonna have been stealing wood from the construction are going on around my house. Com and Bernie in your fireplace because you haven't real fireplace yeah I'm in your house. But. And that I mean I know that I. OK with that Abby as sic Kaplan the pizza that I know like he used very big glad to have got in the fireplace. For the most part I have a plan for all of you'll plan yeah it'll never get marginalized. By the end. Everybody I'm Michelle what do your house last last week to watch a movie in no rain and I were watching your cars together. But he didn't hold street lovers still under contract jobs like the deep Max CEO of the houses next year old. That is being built not furcal more months I brain then it is so large green not to take wood from this place. And that's the night it started as it's just know that if somebody comes three meal like 8 ever listen o'clock copper wire now. Well I am more what that media month. I. Do you did you as start a pool of win Mike is getting you really pissed off and hold on this what is in his garage I would say I'm big in maybe may already and they got I'm gonna take never. Is he eventually does take some of the dump you and then. I realized months later that's a lot of that I get Manhattan and while. He's lucky you slept in. Very lucky. I wake up call confessions. Speaking of wake up call movie nine that we just haven't. On Friday ninth. Eighties daughter was telling us about her favorite dessert had something to do it like cookies. Here. I leaned over to Katie and said. Miki said. That dessert can she diarrhea. That's funny new engines new day is edging constantly. Well or not partly I'm gonna omit a lot and indeed hills. That happened within that conversation but bottom line Gammon apparently Katie sprint looks like spaghetti unwise jogger. That's not I don't. Laying out where you were on the of the senate against him you didn't hear any of hey I was subjected. Oh my god okay. Okay. It's early minutes I do think I don't London now and no more. Now because he is one and then we'll let go that easily keep being the good he's good they have Darian him. And I think then yes. Look son you know it doesn't make me have diarrhea it. A lot of K right not all the lead not only. Am I mad about the view. Because you not only ruined that lovely night which I thought was great it was great I found out that thievery. Can't end. Bowel movements were discussed. Only the whole thing. Up. You also ruins begin. Well that's fair I knew that I apologize I back and that's like that's like Al that's 25% my those sure Italian yeah RO. While that almost feels like hate crime at this point yeah. You wake up call.