WUC Confessions 2-22-18

Thursday, February 22nd

The Wake  Up Call goes around the room to share some new dark secrets that no one knows. 


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Wake up call after three years finally had to buy an eight clear. I can tell you why he should feel a little embarrassed I didn't want him to be home alone net and it is Indian in me on. There's isn't a wake up call we dig. As deep as we possibly can go to find deep dark secrets to share with you we college. Wake up call confessions. Golfers. Our mega map like. The fight was about. Disagreeing with each other over. What our cap to be like his humor. Yeah. And what started off it's. Like we're laying in bed and she's been reading her book I'm done reading my book the lights are off we're just talking about our day. Somebody makes a funny comment I think it was something like. Man he was so pretty when I came upstairs that's my girl yeah now my girl can't. And it's easy goes hot hot hot why am I go. If she was the woman she would have been sitting there in the most beautiful red dress is looked at me. And then Stacy goes she would never Wear red dress and I ago. To choose. And then just it went from there and then it got into what their hobbies would. What they would name their two. Older than what they're white would we would they be urban or suburban people. OK I have to say went into went into a fight that turned into. A bad health. Leo by the Brett. It seems we got that you guys load him either had years ago or continued to a veteran a year is does marriage sounds fun. I read the dialogue should. And. In your on the I'm on that. So we can call confessions. Angry I think that. My you. Unconscionable. Thirst for popping that. And really boil I get there without. I recently he threatens. My teenage daughter. And told her. If she ever gets a really bigs that. It. Doesn't Latin pop. I will speak in her room and it. And now and and then extend the time thinking about how Hollywood you've got like an happily turn the light on my own. The load when I wake her up I mean why wouldn't you just go out and get a miner's helmet. If I have a reading light and I thought about that Tim leisure reading like something you construct your forehead as Flickr unicorn exactly perfect. You're about to lose custody of yourself. I. Spare its wakeup call confessions. Cell. And actually mentioned this on the show yet. Every year. Starting on the days on after new years. A sub drinking into my birthday. Let's go out like like during the course of the year like to go out and have drinks and stuff. On but just for me personally I do it every year my birthdays in March so from the beginning in January until March I don't drink. Just to keep up yeah just like a break you know that's fine I mean I just binge drink planning a soda water in in a Coke dealer. The last night. Was the first time since New Year's. I wanted to fruity drink in the worse. You. Out and you know. I'd. Goat you know if you have any. Would that I mean. So like what went so my parents over the weekend usually my dad and I'd be like guy having a great taste in like Scotch or something single offer aid you not a dime. I'm not drinking right now it's a Labor Day so do your parents still don't know the you have dry out season. I remind them they just forgot it is probably don't how Darren. If they approach. I'd do you want something else to drink like milk or. If not he says he's not the death and it diving ginger ale. On by just thinking about last night how great leg going to flamingo house in getting. Passion fruit Holland Kenya during. Attitudes and yeah I heard you're did you reach their. Like it'd tall and strong and there's like Mel all. We earned it. Try to apply. Heads into your place called me I'll holding what isn't clear rainforest. I'm Kevin showed Bob which really does not help that trip to Asia and hey blow way.