WUC Confessions 3-29-18

Thursday, March 29th


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Always just call whenever we run out of something. Wanted to break a bone sometimes when I'm outside walking my dog and talk to the British accent. Every Thursday on the lake a column its wake up call confessions. This is where we go around the room. And making confession that we share with what you call us troops. Most of first. Gophers right. I IE. Team you're realization yesterday. And I will keep this clean it. In case any children aren't listening to this which they probably should. You know adult alone time. Yes okay. I have come to the realization. That I have been doing that. Eddie fairly high percentage. Just so that I can take him. Well why else would you do. Some pleasure. Well enjoyment. Well. Now well. Well. It's. Apple that's good that certainly does not sound like you are. The bottom of my pin lived all over the radio considering my entire ably and Mike kids slows the page now. I've heard it's people gas I mean after they go to the gym much. How can clarity. Want to dig aired that afterwards Brian that hard to why Johnny got no other you've got no other options right I. I don't wanna take a sleeping pill they scaring up. The middle of the day ever taken a sleeping pill but I take until the may be sleepy and I didn't enjoy it here's the thing as somebody who knows somebody who can relate. I fuel horse what I do that a class who. I feel like I'm taking it image of myself like if it was possible to have like a disingenuous. Relation with yourself. Like incident like it's over I've Paul sleep and I wake up from a nap and I remember how I got some sleepy. I'm kind of disgusted with myself. Like you know you set you love me in dude got a that I can green you're used to meet you. Yeah so do you feel like you're doing it too frequently what are you gonna do to my. Oh yeah it really have to do frequently for the rob every. And I don't I personally don't believe that I am anywhere near too frequently. I have doubled in that zone that when. Don't might also could. Are its wake up call confessions. So I'll. Youngest is. Call her spirited. Then I kept her saying something to herself while she's playing. Bush keeps shaking hands. Many are acting business and walk up hi is. Expecting I think I don't do it with you don't know who DN spot one. I don't know how to help you ass now now my mind middle child you remember. Had eaten when she was about the same age had an imaginary friend named coo comb right. Troubling part about critical as she said cuckoo and her eskimo who pusher a lot yeah. Solid. Ever imagined or Fred that the adult they they day in the have you asked who DNS. What she's well. I don't know who. She is they end. I think Tony who's DM yeah I don't know who's seen. Legal I did go around in circles around you your ball or what the second lose yeah. Or at a high its wake up call confessions there's a radio person that works here in Sacramento that does not like me. Via not gonna say their name but. They have like recently moved to sacrament male or female and Beckham's wow all right cool so there was an event a few months ago where a bunch of Sacramento radio people were there. And coincidentally enough I ended up parking right next to this person that does not like I'm pulled in. And I saw them get out of their okay and to avoid having an awkward conversation because I know that they don't let me. I just waited in my car mentally walked in guys. You I don't know OK a newsstand. And then I might have. Say accidentally. While our. Lola open my card. And get their passenger door. It. Sale was. Kinda hard. Not intentionally of course. Say not intentionally. Yeah. It was a really nice car that can help us narrow it down. Say so because there's a guy that doesn't like mean Cady who runs the show who thinks he thinks he drives are very nice car. It's not it's expensive but it's not a nice car it's for old white men night he had imagined back in not done that I and am not a guy. So yes it needless to say I mean. I. Consultant.