WUC Confessions 7-19-18

Thursday, July 19th

The Wake Up Call share more confessions.

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Call there is a human actor on Sesame Street. That I find very cute and I don't start on constant eye drops some food and cleavage and when I went out. Found a lot. I think what my boxer shorts on backwards change I take off my pants inbox is to turn them around and someone locked in McCain could cause tension. Everything there is similar to call its weakened called confessions this is stuff we have to get off our chest. It's not clearly weighing heavy on their minds. Who sued for all of our people. I have pretty much given up putting to a paper on the role. On the toilet paper. But I think Spencer. Given up on it in every bathroom. And I just said it on the dispenser. And get on with night why. Some of the different. It takes not even to second stint. You can even buy a toilet paper dispenser were it takes no time of one of my house you just why they're on. Here's the thing when you have a swim as many women as live in my house. You know streamed on toilet paper and a way I could've ever. You're going to screw entered with a bigger faster if you don't put it on the dispenser until. It looks sloppy it doesn't know. Aren't I know and for my own mental well being I have to just be okay. But cause you recognize that just putting a roll of toilet paper on top of it is lazy and sloppy. Where does that stop in your life. What are you willing to not to do that too lazy and sloppy just because it as you say quote unquote saved you time. Is make up next certainly not okay thank god. And I'll I'll I'll I'll worry down pants with zippers and buttons. Well yeah. And I think Anglo okay. Hey I see you're saying. So and at the very least. Let the toilet paper on the dispenser in the powder room so that when somebody comes over they don't figure garbage burst. I'd wake up call confessions. You're very Romeo and got aka us you know a couple of we can call confessions ago I said dad I purposely open my door introduce someone else's toward the works for another radio station in town. Remember that. Well live in a building downtown and a parking spaces are super small. Sell this I actually didn't do one purpose this was totally an accident has enemy hands full trying to get a bunch of stuff out of my car. I swung the passenger door open in a hit another car. It was noticeable left and left a mark. It was like ha I mean I felt bad yeah soul. I wrote them and notes and imploded on their car good but no I'll let alone that I can now. I'm actually kind of a bad notes yelling at Stamford not being able to properly park. They actually did. Clark. One time when I was kid true story my dad's car was hit in the parking lot pretty badly there was a note left on our windshield wiper. And the note said I quote. Eight I hit your car I'm really sorry. Everyone in the parking lot now is looking at me thinking I'm writing my insurance and content. Patient on this show play and my dad was so angry I thought he was gonna pick the car. Wow you should tell your Adler brain dead I should. Your mom and she does say it does not and I raised my baby boy I'd wake up call confessions Gavin I have a pool. We had a bunch of my son's friends over. For a party and it's just like what happens with every single time you have a bunch of boys in a pool. Eventually it turns into a jumping contest online game so I also have waterfall I've told many people. That Tom jumping off the waterfall is only for mommies and daddies when it is expert level jumping no kids allowed him. But I love to do it yeah so I do it so I climb up on top of a waterfall. Do with the whole hey everybody look in the name. Everybody does look at me. And guess what vacancy on now captain my penis. ENN. The bidding suit that I have. Arm bands bathing at their board shorts. And they don't pull up and ties they're like pants is as a button and zipper I went to the bathroom Molly now. And didn't zipper up before I came back out just slipped my mind that happens the difference is though that normally I'm wearing underwear and I'm not yet. I'm not standing problem or mountain streaming children and their parent title. A.