WUC Confessions 8-30-18

Thursday, August 30th

The Wake Up Call share some confessions that no one knows about:

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Call there is human actor on Sesame Street. That I find very cute and I don't start on customer I dropped some food and clean and when I went. Now found a lot. I think what my boxer shorts on backwards change I take off my pants in boxes to turn them around and someone locked in and you could cause. Purely to calm we do we could call confessions. This is where we go around the room gets something off our test. Mean I go first sure made. So. I take my dog Henry for walks around my building in midtown. Ands. You mentioned this on the show before. That one of my goatee and lines with ten marine. If someone comes up in sees him and like all my gosh she's so you know. And a nice day Bob what about the dog yeah I needed to do that. It happened again. Very attractive woman was walking down the street. As I was walking and ring. All of my. Your opponent is so cute. But I don't. But what about the dog and yeah. I didn't see. Got a lot to be the fifty. Have a great. And I've. Well with a catch my right and I read. And the like also when you drop somebody out of the year or seventy Brad you lobbed yeah they haven't quite you. Oh. Ring a gas. About that not every. Man. Yeah. And my line. I. Wake up call confession and act okay. You guys are coming over this weekend. For I'm liberty pool party that. And I need to confess something about my house the that you would never know. You never know OK but I just had the but that is easily while compassionate way I'm getting it off my tetanus. Cleared my axle. I'm the only person in my house that cleans the house. Clean the parts of the house the people's seat. No I mean can't then I'm sure that's universal. I am ashamed of some legal where does this kind of pride and I do not. More coming out September 1 is going to be us living in our house for one year I already yeah yeah. The master bathroom toilet hasn't. What about from the other day. And I'm looking at it and I'm just like you should be she felt he and that is probably two minutes worth of work that it gets some bleach what are you doing. Now day in day out know beaten. You know what. I commend you for admitting that thanks right now thanks you know you here's an amenity to his when we go over your house board the pool party. So are picked. Peak at around I don't come around and find this master bathroom bower we put the baby gave up so you can go upstairs. Even now he knows that I'll open it he'd be in Baghdad and then can you rate upstairs and closed. Maybe eighty DR Harold and. And he does your crying and I. Mean. I'd wake up call confessions can. Think it's her eggs probably make that have little. I'm not cock cock. They sold make a big seller you may oh and I. Admit I am about to agent the to have me hammered. And so I had to stop the 7-Eleven to like it gas or something and I went in our summaries and ice named. Men and Iowa and then right well also the name of the color tie up. I of and where it right. And I was and spot three others in Austin and I might dabble in their rescue. Questions why is a positive question. Let's start with that today. They must feel exhilarating to know that you can buy your lipstick at the scene plays that you can buy some honey Barbeque freedom. Of a the dollar. Second question yeah nothing against 7-Eleven but I'm sure they don't sell the top list of tier stuff sure are you worried that there has bled matte lipstick. All I mean I am not worried about it but do light and get him there of of course yeah. Maybe this one of the reasons why she's losing the old school smackdown ma TAS just because it has chemicals that are that are robbing your brain. Now.