WUC Confessions 9-13-18

Thursday, September 13th

The Wake Up Call share some confessions that noone knows about:

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The wake up. Call there is. Human actor on Sesame Street that I find very cute and I don't start on customer M I drops some food and Stevens and when I went now. Found a lot. I think what my boxer shorts on backwards to me it take off my pants in boxes to turn them around and some reluctance I mean you could cause. Everybody Jolie should calm its wake up call confession since. This is where we go around it we have to give something up for our chests. Sharon group had a first you may not dealers don't wanna go first mine is not really. In bears singing. It's just more of like an epiphany. Which is a realization. That sums up my entire life. And what I kind of day. Keep it away when I thought this I was like man if this is in my life I don't know lettuce. I re launch clean clothes I'm not ready to fold yet well look over and I'm. So I'll take clean clothes out of the dryer. NA I I throw him like on the corner where. Don't call them what it will do is I'm like I mean he's been sitting here for I'll just put him back and watch. Us like. The day is go lie and he needs of underwear grabbed my high Alexander will do that. You get a clean his plays sat rights as any you know about me there's three things that world he paid a lot of things but there's three things I hate. Won the Dodgers know wow two or 32 pre roll in from the videos I don't had net. And threefold in. Howell and how this represents and the metaphor of my life is. There's chaos everywhere. Instead of to actually fixing the chaos. I'm just gonna throw the clothes back at a loss to build again and I am vicious cycle and sunlight and hopefully next time next time maybe next time I'll be different and the maybe next time I'll think differently and totally change everything. And it hasn't been. It's wake up call confessions. The next. We've been living in our new house very year and we have a new couched that we've had for a year and we thought we we finally were like you know what we need to get this couch when you're supposed to get your couch cleaned at least once a year or something so. The guys came over yesterday and they discovered something that I was mortified by they were shocked. And they've done it for thirty years. One of my cats had puke down the back. Of a collection at all and I had never caught it before Nolan. No in my family sought. You know what I don't ever wanna hear about the bag diamond of us are well you know what's funny is. I wasn't gonna bring this up but now I have to bring this up. But I thought have you immediately. Because me one time what we were helping TV move. I've gotten we we went to move the couch into the house and we had to turn out the side. And we turn the couch on its side it will literally looked like somebody had just dumped a full litter box onto the ground. Yeah. You lie I am and behind he got notes and who. Cannot let her well absorb. Moisture and smell. Like put in there that Obama her. Sister clean I heard of anybody doing that on purpose. Aren't anybody doing all. Well they got home. Happened yesterday you were the first person I thought and your your right that I worked the same now that we're we might be the same ball well we're not the same. And the realization that you you're on purpose. He can't sleep every night Lanier animals does a thing on net. When I read see who. I'd wake up call confessions gaining the blue is rain matter of months. I've always wanted to be jailed I could convert it should teach a lot of work. Considering. I am considering. It is a lot of work in the I didn't she dared to seriously. Observing yum comport. Until I found that I have to pass. A young. And they immediately came up yeah I was trying to learn about it not looks like the second sentence that I read Clinton and I thought. You know what let's try get out Russian Shana I thought I was gonna go a different direction where you were considering converting to Judy isn't just because. You are really attracted to Jewish man. I am sol attract independents and the like. And. I'd say really react like yeah here this all the the the bad stuff about him KDD's he's dream. So they stuck like movement now. A survey type I didn't dreamy. Life. A David zwick weren't. We hot shoe chain called yeah proponent. Let die in order to sleep with a Jewish man you have to fast bursts. Gergen let them attack.