WUC Confessions 9-26-17

Tuesday, September 26th

The Wake Up Call share more of their confessions:


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065 PM this. Guys this time or another nation. A wakeup call confessions. Here's where we go around the room in confess something that's. Indeed nobody really knows about us eat. Awesome person. May soon. Okay. Time of the first. We just moved into a new house. And every single day in my life and I say. Or got unpacked. At least 2 boxes and I am homeway more than she. Every day I say. Yes I did unpack some boxes. And I never do. And I take a nap sometimes if this person video games. Is she not know and now because we've got so many packed box I. All. Your. Outlook. Is this what I had to look forward gonna get married yeah okay. It is only about at least. As you guys know I'm a huge real housewives can't guest. Can sometimes. I pretend. To like feeling that I I don't wanna watch and you add the celery and. And I have to for work. Our whole you use this job. Took speed eerie dictionary. I know you guys I can't commit upstairs and I watched them through a dark red tomorrow I cannot wait to tell your and your husband. We never talk about real housewives don't yeah. The hair I'd wake up call confessions. If I'm in no way to. That I haven't heard from my friends and alone. A text and pictures of Henry taking them. Yeah. No caption. Well immediately hear from them. A game. All of my vital air moving related hole but does that in my life right now yeah. So before we moved I sold a bunch of stuff. Strangers. And I made dramatically. Old iron to about I'm about how important some things were to meet some things we're the only heir looms some things they said were antiques. And now if ever there they didn't show. I feel bad about some of that. But I never did it as the preemptive strike it was only when people tried to light hagel mead down in price he said I can't. And really good conscience tell anything like our that this is why I did say this is one moment I said that was this is my grandmother's. Black epic at the end. How I wake up call confessions. My husband and I share the same stick and the outer and I'll mind guys that sell this guy's thing. We will. And wonders David Manning never juris payment stays in the cabinet of three U. You do a lot more disgusting stuff to get third. It's. You're so who rose okay. Or. While they. The back splash it all out all over my insurance all my god so I just laughed. I. Didn't even go back and yeah. There's no way I can do it what did you tell did you ever talk to get all eyes are like out about music sorry. You admitted to golly I totally closed ma'am that's funny yeah. Are you Muslim. Or just look at me like there's no. I. I'm not wearing underwear yeah I thought I. Can. You'll Johnson. And he had a deadline. Your challenger I. And I am a clean underwear he might make a call confession came. They also not wearing underwear. And I. And that is the. I don't love genes for so long that actually warm underwear all week. Can use yeah you mean now I can't. I last month which it called confessions. I am wearing and take. I mean my I mean is there and I'm glad to be the only one. My shower curtain is too short for my show hours. That many it's flooding everything no no I just doubling go all the way to the ball how to. Like college bathroom shower curtain being. Laughed. And Clinton is leave it. 165 C and.