The Wake Up Call

with Gavin, Katie, Rayne, and Intern Kevin

The Wake Up Call is a morning radio show based in Sacramento, California, and heard weekday mornings on 106.5 the End.  Gavin, Katie, Rayne and Intern Kevin wake up every morning to have FUN and be FUNNY, while you start your day.  This show has unbelievable chemistry and will keep you laughing all morning! 

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Japanese Sneezers Wanted

Wednesday, June 13th
Police are on the lookout in Japan for a man who is going around offering to pay young boys for sneezes:

Gabe's Happy Place

Wednesday, June 13th
Gabe found the happiest place on's the Warmart Market on Madison ave. He says he's never felt so welcomed and friendly:

Is New Sex Bad

Wednesday, June 13th
New research proves that most, 56%, of people in relationships said that the first time they had sex was "awkward or terrible"


Wednesday, June 13th
Kevin just found out there is a Vod-quila..its a mix of Vodka and Tequila. He thinks its the greatest thing ever!