Britney's BBMAs Performance

I'm So Confused!

May 23, 2016


Last nights Billboard Music Awards opened with a performance by Britney Spears that answered the question, is Britney's Vegas show worth the money??? For me, that's a big 'ol no.  As some one that has always been a Britney fan, I was wildly disappointed with her performance last night and at times thought she even looked uncomfortable like she was nursing an injury.  She was marking most of her choreography (not all of it) and just didn't seem all that into it.   But hey, even Britney can have an off day I suppose.

I have to say though, she looked incredible!  She looked better last night than she did when she started her career; in a glistening red bikini and looked equally beat on the red carpet wearing a lacy, black onesie.  #Slay

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