Christopher "Big Black" Boykin's Passing Reveals Sweetest Last Gift to Daughter

May 13, 2017

My heart broke this past week, when I learned that Christopher “Big Black” Boykin passed away.

Rob and Big was one of my favorite shows on MTV, back in the day. Their friendship was hilarious, and I',m pretty sure everyone wished they could hang with those dudes for a day.

Big Black leaves behind his 9 year old daughter, Isis, which is so incredibly sad.

The silver lining though, is that he sure thought ahead for the well-being of his daughter.

He was very smart with his money and investments, making sure that her college funds was covered.

Friends say he never really splurged on himself so that he could provide for her, which is so sweet to think, but at the same time, makes this whole situation that much more devastating.

Big Black passed away due to a heart condition that’s long been a major health issue on his mom’s side of the family.