Concertgoers killed at Ariana Grande show in UK tonight.

Deadly stampede after loud bangs in the arena.

May 22, 2017

This is absolutely scary news for all of us who attend concerts on a regular basis.  Two loud bangs were heard inside Manchester Arena right after Ariana Grande finished the last song of her show there tonight.  Many of the attendees feared the worst, so immediately started racing for the exits.  Reports are now coming in that it may have indeed been a bomb which exploded in a concourse area of the arena, and tragically the Manchester Police have confirmed there were casualties, although it is unclear whether the deaths were due to the stampede or the explosion.  This just happened about 2:45pm NorCal time, so the details are still being sorted out.  I'll update this blog as more information becomes available.  It makes you think though, how do you think you would react if (heaven forbid) something like this were to happen at a show you were attending?  In the meantime, we send prayers and positive thoughts to all those involved in this scary situation tonight and their families.
Here is a link to a British website with more details about the incident.