Watch this adorable baby chimpanzee giggle for the first time

Watch this adorable baby chimpanzee giggle for the first time.
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This Rare Ginger Seal Pup Is Sadly Being SHUNNED By Its Friends

A rare ginger seal pup is being shunned by its little friends in the wild.
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Hungry Bears Broke Into North Lake Tahoe Stores Several Times Last Month: Video

Bears have broken into stores multiple times over the last month in King's Beach, California.
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Dog Owners Will Be Required By Law To Walk Their Dogs TWO HOURS Per Day In Germany

One politician is taking swift action to make sure dogs' needs are met with a two-hour daily walking requirement.
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This Company Pays Its Employees To Adopt Rescue Dogs And Cats

One company is paying its employees to adopt dogs and cats from shelters, in addition to providing other pet benefits.
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Mollie Kendrick's Weekend In Five-ish Photos: August 8-9

Mollie Kendrick shares her weekend in five-ish photos from August 8-9.
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Small Dog Rescued From 131-Degree Car In California

A small dog was rescued from a 131-degree car in California, and the owner faces consequences.
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Let the Fun Run Wild!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is proud to present "The Marine World Experience"!
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This Video Of Baby Owls Was BANNED By Facebook For Violating Sex And Nudity Policies

This video of baby barn owls was deemed "inappropriate" by Facebook, and was removed.
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Batnadoes Are Forming In Northern California

In 2020, nothing really seems surprising or weird anymore. Especially Northern California's batnadoes.
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