Animal Adoption In Sacramento Begins To Reopen

Animal adoption is beginning to reopen in Sacramento.
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Frisky Bulldog Wants To 'Do' Anything But Get His Nails Trimmed: VIDEO

CCTV caught a bulldog wanting to do anything other than get his nails trimmed...literally.
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I Was Told The Hummingbird Is My Spirit Animal - Here's What It Means

Mollie Kendrick was told her spirit animal is the hummingbird, so she breaks down what that means for her.
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This Tortoise Rescue Is Sacramento's Hidden Gem

Mollie Kendrick visited the Placer County Tortoise Rescue Sanctuary, which she believes is a hidden gem in the Sacramento area.
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Dead Raccoon At McDonald's

The Wake Up Call talk about how a dead raccoon was brought into a McDonalds and it reminded them of Gabe:
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Paws To Party

The Wake Up Call talk to Bobby from Front Street Animal Shelter to discuss about their upcoming "Paws to Party" event to benefit the shelter:
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Kevin & Jorge Watch Katie's House Recap

Katie is back from Hawaii and we go over how house sitting went for Kevin and Jorge:
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Clear The Shelters Event

Bobby from Front Street Animal Shelter came into the studio to share more information about "Clear The Shelters" event that they are participating in. For more information head over to our instagram, @end1065 or check out Front Street Animal Shelters instagram, @FrontStreetAnimalShelter
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Starbucks Lid Fight

Intern Kevin and Producer Gabe fight head to head to prove to the rest of the Wake Up Call team whether or not the new Starbucks lids are better then Gabe's five-days-a-week straw usage.
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Woof! You Can Swipe Right to Help Puppies On Tinder This Weekend

You may find an adorable puppy begging you to swipe right as you scroll through Tinder this weekend. No, we're not kidding. We mean an ACTUAL puppy could be on your phone begging for "a like." The best part? You could HELP that puppy (and his/her shelter friends) if you do swipe right. We know you...
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