Britney Spears

Britney Spears Says She Sings Live & She's Mad You Haven't Given Her Credit

Britney Spears is on the defensive, and she wants the world to know that she DOES sing live during her performances. Of course, it's long been discussed that the "Princess of Pop" uses digital enhancements for her performances. Simply put: she uses "playback," which many know as "lip-syncing." A...
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Lindsay Lohan Wants to Party Like It's 2006

Lindsay Lohan wants to party like it's 2006. Lohan is trying to have the ultimate girl's night, apparently. The 30-year-old actress has publicly invited her gal pals, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton , to her 31st birthday party this weekend. She did so by tweeting the invite to the girls. We all...
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WATCH: Newly-Leaked Audio Proves Britney Spears Can Sing Well

There's a popular misconception that Britney Spears is not a good singer. Well, newly leaked audio may prove that wrong. We've all seen the reports that she lip syncs during concerts and television performances. So, as a result, most people believe it's because she really can't sing well. The idea...
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Britney Spears Could Be Broadway's Next Musical?

Goodbye Vegas, Hello Broadway? We are hearing that Britney Spears ' manager Larry Rudolph is taking meetings about bringing the "Queen of Pop's" musical catalog to a Broadway show. Rudolph met with Jerry Mitchell , who is a veteran theater director and choreographer. Mitchell was the director of On...
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