The Hallmark Channel Launched Christmas Movie Wines To Bring Us All Some Holiday Cheer

The Hallmark Channel is bringing Christmas to us a little early in 2020 with their new line of wines inspired by Christmas movies.
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Five Things Coronavirus Can't Take Away From Me This Year

Coronavirus has forced many things to get cancelled, but these are five things it cannot cancel.
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Future Nissan Sales Event

The countdown is on for 2020! Ring in the new year with a new car from Future Nissan of Folsom! Don't miss out on this month's sales event and your last chance of the year to save big!
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Delivering Christmas: Medina Family 12-19-19

Santa Gavin #deliveringchristmas to the Medina Family was a success! ☃️-- This morning we're feeling especially grateful for all our listeners who donated these brand new toys that brought extra joy into the holiday season for these foster youth --and of course we can't forget the generosity of @...
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Kids Talk To Santa

The Wake Up Call gets Santa Claus on the phone to let kids tell him what they want for Christmas:
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Take-A-Hint Gifts

Most people have given a “Take the Hint” gift. Rayne runs over the details. Gavin admits to doing this for his wife by buying her perfume because she hates the perfume that she used. Katie has done this for Mike sooooo much.
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Did You Know With Intern Kevin: Christmas Edition

Intern Kevin finds some facts on the internet and shares them to everyone, this week it's a special all Christmas edition:
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Move For Me

Here are the lyrics to Katie's parody to "Dance Monkey" called "Move For Me"
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We Gift

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on we gifts and share what they have gotten as a we gift:
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Same Gift To The Same Person

The Wake Up Call ask listeners to share what gift do they give the same person each year:
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