How to order the Santa Claus Frappuccino off the Starbucks secret menu

Here's how to order the Santa Claus Frappuccino off the secret menu at Starbucks.
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Here's how to order a Candy Corn Cold Brew from Starbucks

This is how to order a Candy Corn Cold Brew off the Starbucks secret menu.
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A Popular Sacramento Coffee Shop Is Closing Permanently

It's the end of an era for a popular coffee shop in Sacramento due to the pandemic.
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I Can't Decide If Coca-Cola's New Coffee Sodas Will Be Good Or Disgusting

Coca-Cola announced it's releasing coffee-infused sodas in the United States after major success in 25 other countries.
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FREE Starbucks Coffee Til The End Of The Year

It's a PARTY!!! WOOHOO! Starbucks is giving away FREE drinks through the end of the year.
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Starbucks Introduces 'Tie-Dye Frappucino'

Starbucks will be launching the Tie-Dye Frappucino on Wednesday.
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In Case You Missed It: Burger King Coffee 3-19-19

The Wake Up Call talk about Burger King's coffee subscription:
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Audrey Drinks Coffee

Katies husband Mike sent their daughter Audrey to school with coffee and she loved it.
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Starbucks May Be Planning a Zombie Frappuccino

2017 seems to be the year that Starbucks is getting super creative with some of their blended Frappuccino drinks, and now the coffee giant is getting into the Halloween spirit with a ghoulish treat. The tweet below is a photo that was leaked by someone who allegedly works at Starbucks: Omd @...
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LIST: Where To get Free Coffee for National Coffee Day

Today (September 29) is National Coffee Day, so there are a ton of freebies to be had. Break out your favorite mug and get ready to celebrate because some places are offering up a free cup of Joe in honor of the holiday: Here's a list of where you can get free coffee tomorrow 9/29: Krispy Kreme isn...
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