Prison guards charged with cruelty for playing Baby Shark to 'teach inmates a lesson'

Two Oklahoma City prison guards were charged this week with misdemeanor offenses including cruelty to prisoners, corporal punishment to an inmate and conspiracy, for allegedly making inmates listen to hours and hours of ‘Baby Shark.’
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Man steals truck to go 'meet an alien' but returns it after he started feeling bad

A Utah man is behind bars after he stole a pickup truck out of a 7-Eleven parking lot. He reportedly took the truck in order to drive all the way to the ‘Colosseum to get on a flight with alien diplomats.’ Read the bizarre story on RADIO.COM.
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Human skull and remains found on Lake Tahoe trail, investigation underway

An investigation is underway after a human skull was discovered along a popular Lake Tahoe biking trail.
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Teen Dies of Cancer After Parents Refused to See Doctor Due to Lack of Insurance

A New Mexico couple is facing child abuse charges after their son died from untreated cancer. The couple explained that they did not have Medicaid.
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Woman Arrested After Trying to Hire Hitman to Kill Husband's Lover

A Florida woman was arrested after trying to buy herself a gift for her upcoming 34th birthday — the services of a hitman to take out her husband’s lover.
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True Crime

True Crime Tuesdays: Stephen McDaniel 9-8-20

The Wake Up Call does "True Crime Tuesdays" and this week's story is about Stephen McDaniel:
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Man Trying to Set Stranger's Car on Fire for Revenge Accidentally Sets Himself on Fire

Charlotte police are currently looking for a suspected arsonist who accidentally lit himself on fire while trying to torch a stranger’s car in an act of revenge.
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Evicted Woman Starts Fire That Spreads to All 25 Units in Apartment Complex

The Louisiana Fire Marshal’s office says a New Orleans woman evicted from her apartment in Central City set the complex on fire Monday. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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Man Arrested After Trying to Cash Lottery Tickets at Store He Stole Them From

A Florida man lifted 13 different scratch-off lottery tickets from a convenience store while the clerk was distracted. The Clearwater police were informed of the theft, but it didn’t take long to nab the perp, as he was arrested later the same day.
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Firefighter Battling Fire Has Wallet Stolen Out of Truck

A firefighter battling the CZU Lightning Complex Fire in Santa Cruz, California realized he was the victim of a theft after he returned to his truck to find his wallet missing and later checked his bank account to find it drained.
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