Starbucks barista writes secret message to nurse that made her say, "WTF?"

A Starbucks barista left a secret message on a nurse's cup that made her say, "WTF?"
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This Magazine's "Ways To Get A Husband" Would Never Fly In 2020

An old magazine article is making the rounds again for its super outdated "ways to find a husband."
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Prince William Really Dropped The Ball By Giving Kate This Unromantic Gift While Dating

Prince William revealed the gift he got Kate Middleton as a romantic gift early on when they were dating, and the gift is definitely NOT romantic at all.
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New Dating App For Cat Lovers Will Launch On International Cat Day

Obsessed with cats and you're still single? There's a new app for that.
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Expert Says A Man Will NOT Commit To You If He Does These Seven Things

A relationship expert shares the seven signs a man will not commit to you.
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My Thoughts On Netflix's 'Dating Around' Season 2 (No Spoilers)

Mollie Kendrick shares her thoughts on season 2 of Netflix's "Dating Around."
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Antibody Tests Are Now A MAJOR Flex On Dating Apps

Singles on dating apps are reportedly using antibody tests to their advantage.
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Smell Dating

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on smell dating:
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Dating Green Flags

The Wake Up Call talk about the dating green flags that people should know:
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Ice Rink Matchmaking

This Saturday starting at 4pm, The Wake Up Call are going to having their "Stoplight" party at the Downtown Ice Rink where we are trying to make love happen.
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