When Will Disneyland Reopen? California Theme Parks in Coronavirus-Induced Limbo

Many Disney theme parks have already looked towards reopening measures since being shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic. One exception is Disneyland, and many are wondering when the park will open its doors again.
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Dad Builds Mini Disneyland Using 60,000 Legos

Are you bored during quarantine? Well, you should think about building something out of 60,000 Legos. A father built a mini Disneyland in his spare time.
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Disneyland Reaches Agreement With Unions on Park Reopening Protocols: Report

Disneyland and unions representing over 11,000 theme park cast members have reached an agreement. The union agreement details plans to bring employees back to work amid the coronavirus pandemic. Read more.
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Get Your Disneyland Fix With These Magical Drinks Off The Starbucks Secret Menu

Disneyland may be holding off their reopening amid the coronavirus, but you can still get your Disney fix with these secret menu items from Starbucks.
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Remake Of Splash Mountain With "Princess and The Frog"

Disney will update the Splash Mountain rides in the United States with a new “Princess and the Frog” theme following an online debate about the undertones inherent in the current backstory based on the controversial 1940s Disney movie “Song of the South.”
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Disney's 'Splash Mountain' Is Being Reimagined

“Splash Mountain” as fans know it will now be a thing of the past as Disney announced today that the ride will be reimagined with the theme of Disney’s 2009 film “The Princess and The Frog,” Disney’s first film featuring a Black princess.
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BREAKING: Disneyland DELAYS July 17 Reopening

Disneyland is delaying its July 17 reopening.
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Disneyland Delays July 17 Reopening Date

Bad news for Mickey Mouse fans! Disneyland has delayed its reopening in July, according to a tweet from the Disney Park News account Wednesday afternoon.
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Disneyland Union to Protest Theme Park's 'Rapid' Reopening Plans

Disneyland Resort employees are planning a protest in Anaheim, CA on Saturday in response to the health and safety of workers due to the park’s reopening.
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Disney's New Dole Whip Nachos Are Shareable (But You'll Want Them All For Yourself)

Disney's new Dole Whip creation is shareable (but you'll want it all for yourself).
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