Volunteering For Sacramento "Dog Day Out" Program Gives Shelter Dogs A Day Of "Normal" Life

Bradshaw Animal Shelter's "Dog Day Out" program is looking for volunteers to give shelter pets a break from the stress of shelter life.
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Dog Owners Will Be Required By Law To Walk Their Dogs TWO HOURS Per Day In Germany

One politician is taking swift action to make sure dogs' needs are met with a two-hour daily walking requirement.
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Couple Lost Everything In Hurricane Hanna - Except Their Ten Dogs That They Saved

A couple in Mexico is going viral for saving their dogs from flooding during Hurricane Hanna, despite losing everything else.
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Small Dog Rescued From 131-Degree Car In California

A small dog was rescued from a 131-degree car in California, and the owner faces consequences.
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Sacramento Black-Owned Businesses To Support: Cha Cha's Dog Daycare

Mollie Kendrick is featuring Sacramento black-owned businesses to support.
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Animal Adoption In Sacramento Begins To Reopen

Animal adoption is beginning to reopen in Sacramento.
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Spray Cheese And Bald Heads Are The Newest Quarantine Nail Trim Hack

Canned spray cheese and bald heads are the ultimate distraction for trimming dogs' nails, by the looks of this video.
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Frisky Bulldog Wants To 'Do' Anything But Get His Nails Trimmed: VIDEO

CCTV caught a bulldog wanting to do anything other than get his nails trimmed...literally.
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Mollie Kendrick's Weekend In Five Photos: May 16-17

Mollie Kendrick shares her weekend in five pictures for May 16-17.
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My Weekend In Five Pictures: May 9-10

Mollie Kendrick shares five photos that summed up her boring Mother's Day weekend.
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