Dunkin' Donuts Releases Snackin' Bacon

Dunkin’ Donuts has released its new spring menu and bacon lovers are rejoicing! The famous donut chain just released a new item that is called the Snackin’ Bacon.
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Sweet Deal: Freebies and Bargains for National Dessert Day 2019

September was divine for hungry deal hunters, loaded with opps for discount pizza , burgers and guac . But October is a whole other ballgame. Treat seekers, don’t fret -- you have plenty of chances to get sweet delights this month, and you don’t need to wait to dress like Zoolander to get them...
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Would you try these spaghetti doughnuts ?
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Sushi Donuts...Are A Thing.

I have to be honest...when I first saw this, I was intrigued. Then...I quickly remembered my horrible experience trying sushi in the form of a burrito...and I'm out! LOL...have you ever had a sushi burrito before? People are LOVING THEM lately. There are probably 2-3 places downtown to get your...
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