Henry Kicked Out Of The Wag Hotel

Rayne doesn't have kids but he was embarassed by his dog, Henry, recently when picked up at the WAG hotel:
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Embarrassed By Your Pets

The Wake Up Call discuss when your pets have embarassed you because on the set of Dolittle, the director brought his dog and caused a ruckus:
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Kevin Embarrassed At Starbucks

Intern Kevin was embarrassed at Starbucks in front of a long drive thru line and everyone is pissed at him and it's all Rayne's fault.
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Embarrassed By Kids

The Wake Up Call talk about different ways that you were embarrassed by kids:
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Embarrassed By My ____

What non-body-related thing in your life embarrasses you? Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the things that they are embarrassed by:
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