My Weekend In Five Pictures: May 9-10

Mollie Kendrick shares five photos that summed up her boring Mother's Day weekend.
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Musical Theater Family

The Wake Up Call talk about a musical theater family that has gone viral for their singing and Katie absolutely wants to be part of their family:
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Thanksgiving Fails

The Wake Up Call share some of the Thanksgiving fails that they have experienced:
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Dear WUC: In-Law Traditions

The Wake Up Call got asked when you get married, should you follow in-laws' tradition:
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The Festival of Dreams

The Festival of Dreams powered by California Family Fitness is back @TheGrounds in Roseville on Saturday, June 8, 2019. You'll be able to meet all of your favorite Fantasy and Fairy Tale Characters, curated by Fairy Godmother Events! Stop by the Hall of Heroes, where you can save the world...
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The Padawan Pavilion

Check out our Galactic Heroes fighting an epic battle with the Villain From The Darkside at The Festival of Dreams!
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Your Favorite Characters at The Festival of Dreams

There are so many characters wandering around at The Festival of Dreams powered by California Family Fitness. Who were you most excited to see?
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Too Young For Sex

The Wake Up Call talk about the ages they first had sex:
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In Case You Missed It: Sueing Lifetime

A family is sueing Lifetime for using their picture without their permission:
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Pet Voices

A new research on how many people have voices for their pets and then the Wake Up Call reveals their voices for their pets:
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