How To Help With Social Change & Equal Rights

Here's how you can help with social change & equal rights:
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WUC Town Hall

Wake Up Call Town Hall

We all have questions about coronavirus, the Wake Up Call is using this unique opportunity to #StayConnected and have their first ever town hall to talk to people, community and civic leaders to answer questions we all have been wondering about!
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Bagpipes At McDonalds

A Sacramento McDonalds has been trying to ward off homeless people by playing 24-hour bagpipe music.
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Drake Helps Out Sacramento Kings

The Sacramento Kings will play a preseason game in Mumbai, India, this week, and to get the team there, they have received help from rapper, Drake.
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Parents Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Gavin is sick of parents of Girl Scots selling Girl Scout cookies for them
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House Keeping In Hawaii

Katie's parents went to Hawaii but her dad did something embarrassing:
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Stopping To Help A Woman

Katie and another woman stopped to help a disabled car on the side of the road and Katie is pissed that not a single man stopped to help.
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Intern Kevin's Server Help

Intern Kevin felt like he did not do well in his recent restaurant interview, so we help him prepare for his next one:
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Help Gabe Hatchett

Rayne talks about his old classmate, Gabe Hatchett, because an unforunate event has happen to him and his dog: Help Gabe Hatchett Here is the website, if you want to help out:
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The Last Word

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