Hershey profits as COVID-19 lockdowns cause a surge in chocolate buying

The Hershey Co. unveiled its third-quarter profits, proving that Americans were more in need of sweets this year. See the details of the reporting.
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Hershey Is Releasing Their Pumpkin Pie-Flavored Kit Kat Bar Early This Year

With many summer activities and events cancelled due to the coronavirus, many are already getting ready for next season. Hershey is releasing their pumpkin pie-flavored Kit Kat bar early this year.
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Hershey Meat Bars

WTF basically. I guess Hershey bought the company "Krave" a few years ago (they sell meat based snacks) and have seen an increase in sales. Even more so than chocolate snacks, meat snack sales are on the rise and Hershey is infusing them with chocolate. I get the whole little bit salty, little bit...
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