Thunderstorms In Sacramento

Sacramento has been going through a heat wave with tempertures above 100 degrees all week.
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How to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Summer is fast approaching and we need to be ready for the crazy California heat:
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In Case You Missed It: Men's Golden Ratio Of Beauty

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on the results of the hottest men in the world:
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Katie And Rayne Are Stars

Katie and Rayne are international stars because they are seen in the new series on TLC called "Hot & Heavy",
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Suggested Temperatures

The Wake Up Call discuss what is the best tempature to have in a building:
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Kill With Your Bare Hands

Is it hot to kill a mountain lion with your bare hands
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Hot Cops In Gainesville

The Wake Up Call talk about a viral pictures of some hot cops in Gainesville
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Boosting Self Esteem

Katy Perry admits that she will google search "Katy Perry Hot" because sometimes when people say negative things about her, this helps to boost her self-esteem: Boosting Self Esteem
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Who's Not Hot

The Wake Up Call play "Who's Not Hot" for the first time. There are 5 paper bags that have hot peppers except one has a bell pepper listen in to find out who doesn't get the hot pepper: Who's Not Hot
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