Jay Z

Rapper Jermaine Dupri Responds To Jay-Z NFL Deal

When Super Bowl LIII was held in Atlanta lat season, many artists took a stance against the NFL over its treatment of Colin Kaepernick , who has not been signed by a team since he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest social injustice. Leading the way was Jay-Z , who reached out to...
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GRAMMY Awards: Beyoncé (and Twins) Will Perform “Slowed” Set at Sunday’s Show

Beyoncé is expected to make her first public appearance at Sunday's GRAMMYs after announcing she is pregnant with twins last week.While it is not clear what Beyoncé will be performing on Sunday, reports say that her pregnancy will not stop her from performing. She is, however, expected to have a...
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Lemonade: Cold, Bitter, Sweet, Amazing

Beyonce just blew me away. I set my DVR to record Lemonade, but I wasn't sure if I was going to watch it or not. I like her music, but I'm not a mega fan. That's the mistake I made. I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch Lemonade, because I thought it would be an hour long promotional vehicle for...
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