Katy Perry Reveals How Her First Kiss Went Down!

First kisses are AWKWARD! We all know this. Katy Perry revealed how her first kiss went down to W Magazine , and it was not one bit romantic. She said she was playing a game of spin the bottle, and then all of a sudden there was what felt like a wet fish in her mouth. EWWWW. She then went on to say...
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Katy Perry FINALLY Speaks Out On Feud with Taylor Swift!

It feels like the Taylor Swift // Katy Perry feud has been going on FOREVER. Days after speculation that Katy’s latest track “Swish” was aimed at Tay, KP is finally speaking up. This past week Katy appeared on James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” and said something pretty sassy. When asked by James if...
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