Kevin's Management Class

The Wake Up Call talk to Intern Kevin about his management class that he is taking even though he's already done with school:
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Kevin Pulls Cougars

During Intern Kevin's trip to Mexico, he pulled some females but not the type he liked, he pulled older ladies
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Kevin's LIMITED EDITION Hennessy

Intern Kevin went to Mexico for his brother's wedding and found a limited edition Hennessy Pure White at the airport but he got into some trouble trying to bring it back to Sacramento:
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Kevin Swears Off Sugar

Kevin has sworn off sugar from this trip. We let him talk about why he made this choice and how it's affected his trip
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Kevin Needs His Phone

A new study came out about how millenials never relax and the main reason is because of phones, The Wake Up Call brings in Intern Kevin to talk about this:
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Wake Up Call Snitches On Kevin

Tekashi 69 is snitching on everyone, so the Wake Up Call snitch on each other:
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Kevin Vs Bianca Over Post Malone Picture

The Wake Up Call get to the bottom of the Kevin & Bianca feud about the Post Malone picture and why Kevin is so pissed
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Kevin The Talent Manager

Kevin is starting a new hobby, he wants to manage new talent:
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Why Does Kevin Talk Like That

Katie was asked a question about Intern Kevin and he is pissed about it:
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Kevin Intervention On His Disneyland Behavior

The Wake Up Call have an intervention about Intern Kevin and how he has been acting at Disneyland:
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