Gavin Clothes

Gavin Washes Theo's Book

Gavin's daughter Zoe accidently hid the book of his son Theo under some clothes in the clothes basket. Gavin grabbed all the clothes to load in the washer and it turned into a mess.
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Mom accidentally sends toddler daughter to picture day wearing inappropriate word on her shirt

A mom accidentally sent her daughter to school wearing a shirt with an inappropriate word on it for picture day.
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Karen News Network 11-12-20

This week's Karen is getting a "No Trespass Order" from kid's school: *WARNING* Lots of graphic language *WARNING*
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Start The Dialogue At Home With These 16 Books About Race And Racism For Kids

Much of the fight against racism happens in discussions at home, and these 16 books for kids are a great way to start the dialogue.
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Negotiating With Your Kids

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on having to negoiate more with their kids because stuck in quarantine:
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Kids Trolling Us

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts about kids trolling their parents during #Quarantine:
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Kevin Reads To Kids

The Wake Up Call have Intern Kevin come into the studio to read some books for the kids at home:
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Not A Toy

The Wake Up Call share their stories of when their kids played with things that aren't toys:
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Disappointing Our Parents

The Wake Up Call talk about things that people have done that disappointed their parents:
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Kids Talk To Santa

The Wake Up Call gets Santa Claus on the phone to let kids tell him what they want for Christmas:
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