Gavin & Rayne Joke Off 4-26-19

Watch the latest episode of "Gavin & Rayne Joke Off", find out who is going to laugh and take home the trophy:
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Gavin's Phone Scams: Guy in Hot Tub 11-20-18

Gavin calls an apartment office to complain that there's a guy in the hot tub too much and he's hogging all the hot tub.
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Mocked For Soap

The cashier that Gavin had was making fun of the names of the soup he uses:
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In Case You Missed It: Alexa Laugh

Alexa has been acting out and randomly laughing and it is freaking people out:
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Gavin & Rayne Joke Off #12

Listen to this week's "Gavin & Rayne Joke Off", it's round 12 now. Who will win the trophy this week?
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Gavin & Rayne Joke Off #9

Watch the latest episode of Gavin & Rayne Joke Off. Who will bust out laughing first?
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